Magic by Tom Hughes

Tom Hughes is an expert on performing magic at libraries. As a matter of fact, he's written two e-books and a 134 page, hard copy book about the subject. Hailing from North Carolina, Tom has performed over 1000 library shows in the southeastern U.S. He has a delightfully funny character that captivates kids' attention and encourages them to read. He magic shows are all about books. He's found so many ways to include them in his show inventing over 50 tricks that are themed around libraries and the books inside them. Best of all, Tom has shared the secrets on how to do this with the magic community in his writings. Tom is a frequent performer at the annual KIDabra convention and a contributor to the Kids Show Central Facebook Page. So check him out!
Libraries Rock - Free Sample Magic download (ebook)
Libraries Rock - Free Sample
Magic download (ebook) by Tom Hughes - Free

A free sample pdf of Tom Hughe's fantastic book for 2018: Libraries Rock! Be sure to check out his 2017 publication (which comes free when you buy Libraries Rock!), Build a Better Library Program.

Libraries Rock Magic download (ebook)
Libraries Rock
Magic download (ebook) by Tom Hughes - $29.00

Would you like to learn the secret to creating the perfect library show? One that will get you booked and re-booked at libraries in your area? Tom Hughes, aka Professor WhizzPop shares the secrets of his success in this new e-book. It’s all about customizing and marketing your show around the...

The Library Performer's Handbook Book
The Library Performer's Handbook
Book by Tom Hughes - $55.00

Libraries are wonderful places to perform family shows. Audiences are attentive and curious about their world. The setting is quiet. And you almost always get a full house. What’s the secret to getting booked at libraries? It’s all about orienting your routines and your marketing around books and...