The Library Performer's Handbook

Book by Tom Hughes
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The Library Performer's Handbook

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Book by Tom Hughes (55.00)

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The Library Performer's Handbook - magic
The Library Performer's Handbook The Library Performer's Handbook The Library Performer's Handbook

Libraries are wonderful places to perform family shows. Audiences are attentive and curious about their world. The setting is quiet. And you almost always get a full house. What’s the secret to getting booked at libraries? It’s all about orienting your routines and your marketing around books and reading. And Tom Hughes knows exactly how to do it—and he shares it all in his new book, The Library Performer’s Handbook.

This 134-page book is the final word on his approach to performing at libraries. He shares 12 new routines that you can do. Each is built around books and reading. And each is couched in a more general kids show strategy that you can apply to your own routines.

You also get Tom’s marketing advice. You’ll follow his timeline as he shares his early experiences in trying to get booked at libraries. You’ll learn from his mistakes, and benefit from his corrections, so you can fast-track your own success in this “perfect-for-the-family-magician” market.

Fifteen chapters give you a background in what library shows are all about and specific marketing approaches that Tom uses every year to book more than 100 libraries in North and South Carolina and surrounding states.

8 Chapters on Tom’s Experience with Libraries:

  • Why Libraries
  • Philosophy
  • What is Summer Reading
  • Breaking into the Library Market
  • A Marketing Timeline
  • Getting the Gigs Again and Again
  • My Marketing Timeline
  • What to Expect at a Showcase

Check out this list! 7 chapters on Marketing to Libraries:

  • Booking the Shows
  • Best Strategies for Library performers
  • Teen and Adult Programming
  • Back of the Room Sales
  • How to Plan Your Program
  • Production Standards
  • The Different types of Library Programs

You also get 12 original routines—all built around Books and Reading.

  • Routines with Books – Fire Book?
  • The “Oh, I just Noticed” Strategy
  • More Double Trouble – The Bookworm Trick
  • It’s Barely Magic – Where’s Waldo Revisited
  • Getting Better All the Time – Build a Better Balloon Animal
  • Because I Read Books – Granny Bites Back
  • The Bookworm that Turned – Bigger Wands Bookworm
  • Library Culture – Library Cards Across
  • S.P.E.L.L It Out! The Reading Hero
  • It’s Barely Magic Again! – Fly Guy
  • Show, Don’t Tell – Captain Underpants

If you’ve purchased Tom’s e-books, you know how "on-target" his writing on Library Magic can be. In this book, he dives more deeply into marketing approaches and routine building. You’ll appreciate and benefit from the expanded chapters.

The Library Performer’s Handbook is written for the working professional who wants to break into or get more shows at libraries. Tom shares everything you need to know about working this market including selling your program, booking shows, and building a program that encourages kids to read. Best of all, he teaches you the tips and tricks to use to get librarians to bring your show back to their library year after year after year!

Check it out! (That last sentence was a little joke. If you’ve ever borrowed a library book, then you’ll get it.)


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  • Leona asks: Are library bookings popular here in the UK, I know they are in the States?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I am aware of a couple of performers who do library shows in the UK. Perhaps it isn't as big as other countries ... but perhaps that's also an opportunity, and not a bad thing!
    • 2. Thomas answers: Hi Leona, Tom Hughes here (the author of The Library Performer's Handbook"). I'm British but I live in the U.S. so I'm pretty qualified to answer your question.... Libraries in the U.S. are incredibly active and work year round to bring special events to their clients, the culmination of these efforts is "Summer Reading" which is designed to get kids (and teens, and adults) reading books during the summer, it's a HUGE deal here. As far as I am aware there is nothing comparable in the UK (although it's 17 years since I left so my info is a little out of date) and there is no "library market" there like there is here. BUT that doesn't mean that they couldn't be one... imagine having a show which promotes reading and marketing it to libraries! Could you become the ONLY active "reading wizard" in the U.K.? I think it's a potential market, after all there are libraries, schools and children's museums all over the place in Britain and I'm sure that a good reading/ literacy show could do well. Remember no-one thought of doing a road safety magic show in the U.K. until Trevor Lewis did one and dominated the market!
  • John asks: Is this book currently available for purchase?

    • 1. Jim answers: No. You must have missed the out of stock message, which is posted above.
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