Santa's List

Trick by Scott Green
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Santa's List

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Trick by Scott Green (29.00)

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Santa's List - magic
Santa's List Santa's List Santa's List

Imagine if a child could pick a toy from Santa’s List and you could make that toy appear in a box, bag or even from Santa’s Sack! Sound impossible? Not if you perform Scott Green’s Santa’s List!

Each list is over three feet long, printed in red and green ink on glossy paper, so it’ll glisten like a Christmas tree ornament. You hold up the list and read a few of the toys’ names. Engaging a child helper, you snip the list with a scissor at a point she picks. She retrieves the fallen piece and, when she reads the toy’s name at the top, that very toy appears in a holiday gift box.

You can perform Santa’s List as a prediction, a coincidence effect or a magical appearance. So many possibilities! And every time you perform Santa’s List, a different toy can appear! There are dozens of choices including a doll, a bunny, a Rubik’s Cube, a coloring book and more.

  • List is examinable after the trick
  • Dozens of toys to choose from
  • Perform as a prediction or magical appearance
  • You get 50 lists for 50 performances
  • Combine it with a Square Circle, Change Bag, or any production box or bag to make it a appear magically.

Created by professional family magician, Scott Green, the list is designed so it can be performed either close up or on the stage. Included in the video instructions are suggestions for the Wiffle Bat surprise, the Appearing Gift Combo, and the Fake Out Coal in the gift box gag.

What’s Santa going to bring down the chimney this year? Your audience will find out when you perform Santa’s List.


Customer reviews for Santa's List



This product is amazing. Not sure if it was intended, but the second print run had a word GIFT list added to it which is a game changer for me. I now can perform this in all situations and not only Santa themed situations. I don't think I would be able to with the original Santa's Nice and Naughty List, but the way that the formatting shows on Santa's Nice and Naughty GIFT list, I can cut off the top section and just have a regular gift list year round. Not sure if that's Scott's intention, but definitely mine!


Community questions about Santa's List

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  • doug asks: So there are many different gifts to chose from and that could appear in the box. Is it up to the magician to have the capability of having each of these gifts so that it could be in the box? Or do the gifts come with the illusion?

    • 1. Scott Green (creator) responds: Hi Doug! You can choose which gift will be in the box at the end. You'll supply the gift yourself, but many of the gifts are things you're likely to have around anyway—like a Rubik's Cube, coloring book, magic kit, or even a bunny rabbit. (There are about 50 you can choose from in total.)
    • 2. Danny answers: Doug: From your question, it appears as though you might be misunderstanding the amount of preparation the magician needs to do. You'll be able to "control" which toy is selected. You don't need to have an assortment of toys on hand to cover whatever the spectator picks. Another option, instead of the actual toy, you can have a picture of that toy, or the printed name of that toy written on a paper inside an envelope. That's what I like about Santa's List. There are SO SO many possible presentations! Have a Ho Ho Happy Holiday.
  • Albert asks: Does this come with a supply of copies of the list? or instructions on how to make/print our own?

    • 1. Scott Green (creator) responds: You’ll receive enough materials for 50 performances, but due to the size of the list it wouldn’t be practical to make your own.
  • Rick asks: Is it a different gift 'selected' each time, or are we able to predict say, the rubik's cube, on each & every performance? Also, after I've used used up the 50 performances supplied, do I have to spend another $30. for refills?

    • 1. ken answers: Think of it as a hat tear or mouth coil. You will want to buy the refills. One, the rolls of paper are really long so it is not your typical copy paper. And you could force the same toy every show.
    • 2. Danny answers: Ken is right. But to could have a different gift "selected" each time. Or, you could have the same gift selected every time. Your choice. Yes, you'll need to purchase refills at $30/50 lists. But, at 60 cents per performance, Santa's List is less expensive than Mouth Coils or Hat Tears.
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  • Michael asks: How much are refills?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Refills are the same price.
  • Albert asks: Hello, does this have to be "Santa's" list or can I use it throughout the year at other birthday parties?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You could certainly cut off the "Santa's Nice or Naughty List" at the top and it would then be a list of gifts.
  • Bobby asks: I play Santa every year for our 2 elementary schools. This would be the perfect trick for me to use. I have no prior magic experience, would this be a beginner level trick to perform? If I have trouble is there any help available? Thank you.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: I do it at school shows. It is VERY VERY VERY easy. No skill whatsoever is needed.
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