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Scott Green has quickly become one of the leading authorities on how to perform magic for children. Based Chicago, Scott performs hundreds of shows a year and is regularly featured on live TV news shows. In 2018, he became the team magician for the Chicago Bulls, was a featured lecturer at the KIDabra International conference, and performed the family show at Hollywood’s World-Famous Magic Castle.

Scott's routines are full of excitement, interaction and comedy. He reveals his script-writing techniques like Chekhov’s Gun Principle and his “Seinfeld Method” in his book Excellence in Family Magic. Even more can be learned by studying his DVD set, Scott Green…And the Kitchen Sink which contains his live performances and original material.

Interestingly enough, Scott graduated from Law School and passed the Bar, but decided instead to become a full-time magician. (He claims his parents have forgiven him.) He lives with his wife and two children in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood. An avid game show fan, Scott has been a contestant on both Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and The Price Is Right.

Excellence in Family Magic FREE Sample Magic download (ebook)
Excellence in Family Magic FREE Sample
Magic download (ebook) by Scott Green - Free

Check out this FREE sample PDF of Scott Green's fantastic book Excellence in Family Magic!

Excellence in Family Magic Book
Excellence in Family Magic
Book by Scott Green - $40.00

Struggling to come up with engaging magic for all ages? Worried that your family show bores adults? Tired of seeing grownups in the crowd more interested in their phones than your sleight of hand? Magician Scott Green performs over 200 family shows every year in greater Chicago. He’s a familiar...

Perform Like A Game Show Host Magic download (ebook)
Perform Like A Game Show Host
Magic download (ebook) by Scott Green - $25.00

What can magicians learn from TV’s greatest game show hosts? As it turns out, a lot! Author and professional magician Scott Green should know. He’s won over $60,000 in cash and prizes by appearing on TV game shows. His experiences as a contestant -- up close with game show hosts -- have influenced...