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By Damian Jennings - Sunday, May 2, 2021

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Homemade Trickery, Self-Inflicted Magic For The Bored Soul, is an brand new interactive magic podcast. Created and written by Leandro Morgado and performed by Sarah Bright, it puts together creations of various authors, bringing to life the world of radio magic where every listener can take part on the show.

So get ready! Every week there will be an episode for you to jump right in.

The feed is being distributed across the various platforms.

Here's the raw RSS which you can add easily to any podcast app you use:


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Special thanks to Max Maven, Jim Steinmeyer, Mark Elsdon, Juan Estaban Varela and all the creators that gave permission to share their ideas, creations and thoughts. In the description of each episode you will find the credits and authorships of the effects as well as further suggested readings.



In the debut episode of Homemade Trickery, Self-Inflicted Magic For The Bored Soul, you’ll find a trick using only your fingers and your imagination. Join in!

Special thanks to Juan Estaban Varela for giving permission to share this and to my friend Daniel Guedes for the ending.

Credits: VARELA, Juan Estaban, “El Anillo Imaginario”, Magiografía, Espacio, Vernet, 2008, pp. 11-12. VARELA, Juan Estaban, “El Anillo Imaginario”, Zero Elements, Vernet, 2014.

Further Reading: STEINMEYER, Jim, “Fives Cards On the March”, Further Impuzzibilities - Still More Strangely Self-Working Conjuring Hahne, 2006, pp. 10-11. Also check: “A Bird in The Hand”, by Steve Mayhew, “Cursed by an Evil Spell”, by Martin Kane and “Fingered”, by Steve Beam.

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Tuesday, 04 May 2021 15:09 PM - Reply to this comment

Can you include a link to Overcast? This podcast is not appearing in the searches…

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