One Youth Scholar's view of The Session

By Elton and Niklas Sessler - Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Elton: "Ever since I first heard about The Session, I've wanted to go there. When I read about Vanishing Inc's Scholarships for Young Magicians on their website last fall, I decided to apply."


Niklas: "The requirement was to be under 18 years old and to perform a free show for a charity organization or something similar in the local area. We contacted St. Matthew's parish, and a few weeks later, Elton did a short but much-appreciated show for about 40 of their confirmation candidates."

Elton: "I submitted photos from the show and a certificate from the confirmation leader, and a week before Christmas, I received an email from Vanishing Inc that I was one of those who had received a scholarship to The Session 2024. I was, of course, thrilled!"


Niklas: "The scholarship meant that Elton and an accompanying adult – that's me – got free admission to the entire convention, something that would have otherwise cost over 5,000 SEK, not to mention travel, accommodation, and meals. So if he hadn't received the scholarship, it's doubtful whether we would have gone. A big logistical advantage was that the entire convention took place at a hotel near Heathrow, so there were no time-consuming trips once we were there."

Elton: "Coming to The Session was exciting. As soon as we entered the lobby of the hotel a few hours later, I saw several magicians that I recognized, like Luke Jermay and Joshua Jay."

joshua Jay

Niklas: "We registered, got our name tags (most were red, but Elton's was light blue as proof that he was a scholarship recipient), a limited edition deck of cards, program brochures, and some other items. And then it was all underway! The Session involves three days of magic, literally from morning to night. On Saturday, the first program started shortly after breakfast, and the last one ended around half past midnight – a fantastic event where various magicians got to perform, usually with a very funny setup, while over a hundred people laughed heartily, crowding into a room about the size of a living room."

Elton: "For me, the biggest experience was the combination of shows and lectures. Seeing top names like Axel Hecklau, David Gerard, Luke Jermay, Tom Stone, and many more perform some of their best tricks and then go through the methods and how they executed them was magical in more than one way."

Niklas: "Several magicians also shared their personal stories about why they became magicians, which was also interesting."


Elton: "On both Saturday and Sunday, there were gatherings for us young magicians, where we had the chance to get to know each other, receive tips, and ask questions directly to more experienced magicians."

Niklas: "Sprinkled between all the shows and lectures were also a number of shorter presentations on topics such as memory techniques, the connection between magic and UX design, and probably the definitive revelation of who was behind the mysterious pseudonym S.W. Erdnase, the author of the book The Expert at the Card Table, which has long been one of the biggest mysteries in the world of magic."

Elton: "Being under the same roof as all these talented magicians for three days, and being able to approach them and talk to them or show them a trick, was, of course, a fantastic bonus. And I haven't even mentioned the dealer room... This was my first international magic convention, and I came home with both new props and lots of ideas for new tricks. To all young magicians considering applying for Vanishing Inc's scholarship, I just say: Do it! You won't regret it."

Originally published on Tom Stone's Magiarkivet, Republished here with permission—and thanks!

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Wednesday, 24 January 2024 23:47 PM - Reply to this comment

What a great opportunity for young magicians and thanks to Vanishing, Inc. to support and mentor the next generation of magicians.

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