Darwin Ortiz on the Memorized Deck

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Darwin Ortiz on the Memorized Deck

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Magic download (video) by Darwin Ortiz ($12.00)

There are very few performers around the world whose work with the memorized deck have changed the course of magic. Darwin Ortiz is one of those and we are proud to be able to offer this exclusive download of Darwin sharing his thoughts on the memorized deck. You'll learn:

Test Your Luck: the perfect effect for a newcomer to memorized deck work, yet also an effect so strong that Darwin performs it regularly. A participant thrusts an indifferent card into the deck and places it directly next to a card that he merely names.

Card Sense: an effect that you need to see to believe! In an impossibly fair way (and after many shuffles), Darwin is able to correctly identify cards that participants cut to, cards in the middle of a packet and much more!

This isn't just a download about tricks, but a detailed look at memorized deck magic from one of the field's very few experts. For the beginner, he gives some important insights into performing this style of magic. If you are new to memorized deck magic, be sure to check out our free Simon Aronson ebook on the subject.

Running time: 27 minutes.

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  • edward alexander asks: I'm looking for any DVD by Darwin Ortiz that has Zen Master on it.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Here we go: https://www.vanishingincmagic.com/magic/card-magic/darwin-ortiz-collection/
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Customer reviews for Darwin Ortiz on the Memorized Deck



Wow! Darwin Ortiz does downloads!?

I loved the new book and these downloads are just as great. Darwin is a one of a kind and I think it's great that Vanishing Inc. have worked with him. Really great work team.



Darwin explains two effects that will go directly into your repertoire if you use a memorized deck. Test your Luck is a very good piece of magic, a good opener with a great patter. Color Sense if one of those things that will completely blow people’s mind, they will never want to play with you. You can see that these are pieces that Darwin often performs for real people.



This is a great way to start using your favorite memorized deck. The effects are very streamlined and commercial. Even if you don't use the effects there is lots to learn about the Darwin Ortiz approach to memorized deck magic.



As with Mr. Ortiz's products; very smart and insightful information. I thoroughly enjoyed the video. And Vanishing Inc. Delivery was immediate and professional. I will be checking in with Vanishing Inc. first on my next purchase. Good Job on the site!



Two great demonstrations, and explanations on memorized decks, He uses some nice but simple moves, which is all revealed in this video.
Plus a couple off different ideas as to what memorized decks to use, plus how to do deck switches
The answere are so simple, but usefull to no.



This is a fantastic introduction to memdeck work. I wasn't familiar with the concept at first, but by the end I was already looking for a stack to memorize. The effects are great examples of what can be done with a memdeck outside of self-working and traditional name-a-card tricks. Highly recommended!







Ortiz is the best.



This is a great dive in for someone who is just getting started on memorized deck work and looking for some tips and a couple of tricks. I was thrilled with it and love learning anything from Darwin. Well worth its price.





This video has two really strong tricks, and very nice tips and thoughts from a master. Neither require hard sleights, though one requires you to be able to spread-cull a single card without issue. The first is a sort of card-at-a-number in which the spectator stabs a card, and the second a three card prediction that demonstrates some very nice psychology and sneaky glimpsing. These are totally worth the price.

My only complaint is that the description from Vanishing Inc is disingenuous: he doesn't help a beginner choose a stack at all, rather he just says "it doesn't matter, just get started!" So if you read the description and bought this hoping for the pros and cons of various stacks, you would feel misled.

I'm really happy with the video. I'm not happy that Vanishing Inc has put a misleading sales description of it that makes it seem there's more there than there is.

Darwin Ortiz on the Memorized Deck by Darwin Ortiz