A Triumph and a Talk

Magic download (video) by Darwin Ortiz
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A Triumph and a Talk

12.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Darwin Ortiz ($12.00)

Darwin Ortiz is the author of two of the best selling magic theory books of all time: Strong Magic and Designing Miracles. But we wanted to bring those books to life.

At The Session 2011 we had Michael Vincent ask Darwin some important and interesting questions about magic, and the result is this inspiring, informative download. Questions like how do you make your magic relevant? How do you practice? How can we view magic from a spectator's viewpoint, and much, much more. Darwin is a confident and intriguing speaker and we think that his answers will help progress and develop your magic.

Of course, we couldn't film a Darwin Ortiz download without sharing a trick! His Fast Company is a full multi-phase routine based around Triumph that completely astounded everyone at The Session. This previously unpublished routine will take some practice, but is an absolute blockbuster!

Running time: 55 minutes

Darwin Ortiz download

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Customer reviews for A Triumph and a Talk



Astounding. Utterly breathtaking. This man is one of the greatest card handlers of all time.



Both of these downloads are great. If you love advance technique and thinking you will love these downloads. Mr. Ortiz is clearly one of the best card handlers of all time, but he is also one the great philosophers of magic too.



WOW! The "Talk" at the second half of the video is well worth the $10 by itself. And the triumph is packed full of beautiful moments. Not as difficult as I thought it would be. Thank you for this!



Darwin Ortiz' insights into magic design never cease to amaze me. Listening to him speak is one of the greatest pleasures you will ever get. All these years he has fooled us into thinking he is one of the greatest card handlers of all times. The truth is he is a scientist. A craftsman. A psychologist. An anthropologist. His books should be on the shelves of every curious person. His way of reasoning reminds me a lot of Richard Feynman, who incidentally was considered "a magican of the highest calibre" by mathematician Mark Kac.



A great triumph routine! If you know Darwin Ortiz you know the quality of his magic, enough said. His talk is very inspiring, this is an opportunity to listen theory and advice from Darwin, his analogy of a killer is great! Highly recommended!





Getting into magic at an old age, I deeply appreciate the insight shared by Mr Ortiz.
The trick in itself is beautiful, but more important for me is all the reasoning behind, that gives glimpses how one can think to create beautiful moment (for family and friends for me).



Absolutely fantastic! Darwin is such an articulate and talented teacher. When he teaches, he shares the subtleties and logic behind them. His thoughts into the minute details, as seen through the eyes of the spectator, are insightful and powerful. His understanding of the psychology of both laypersons and magicians oozes from the screen.

So many nuggets of pure gold, I’ll come back mining many times for sure!



Darwin Ortiz is truly a one-of-a-kind magician. What skill he possess in sleight of hand is eclipsed by how intellectual he is about his craft. This is a must.



This is a great version of Triumph. One of the best, and certainly makes this video worth purchasing. But: Of at least equal value is the second half of the video, which is, sort of, the Cliff-notes version of "Strong Magic". Great stuff, and very extremely relevant. It was, I might add, a lot of fun to see Darwin speaking in a more unscripted format, with a lot of humor interjected that made the more didactic contents particular fun to watch.






I love Darwin Ortiz' card magic and this Triumph was definitely interesting, unfortunately I couldnt follow his techniques too well. his explanations are precise yet still hard to follow and pull off. I will watch again and again till I get it right. His talk with colorful stories was a treat. I recommend this just to see a fascinating card man.



The effect itself is fantastic, however the instruction is 'okay' at best.
Darwin just says things like "You drop two, hold back three", and he doesn't actually tell you which pile "drops two" or "holds back three", etc. It's very frustrating and VERY annoying, because it is NOT well explained AT ALL.
Please re-record this one, Darwin. I would hate to see a great effect like this one get lost for some reason.