Hyper Fast

Magic download (video) by SaysevenT
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Hyper Fast

9.00 usd

Magic download (video) by SaysevenT ($9.00)

11 insanely visual and innovative color changes jammed into one amazing download. This is an UNBELIEVABLE value. This is Hyper Fast from SaysevenT.

Most of these changes are completely impromptu. No gimmicks or gaffs. Just pure sleight of hand.

Download now to start learning:

1. Torzsch
A visual change where the the whole deck of cards changes color. (Bonus: Box to deck transpo kicker).

A super-fast and impossible feeling change.

3. Zeeto
A multiple color change that looks impossible.

4. Shuriken
A special, nearly-invisible move based on how a Ninja throws a Shuriken.

5. Karate
A color change using a karate-style technique.

6. MadPop
A quick and visual change using just a small shake.

7. G-Mazh
An incredible, in-your-face transposition that looks wonderfully natural.

8. Poni Snap
A color change that happens with an instant snap in the middle of a card fan.

9. Reep Print
A color change that looks like your printing a card from your hand.

10. Shake 76
A one-handed color change that works with just a little magical shake

11. Hode
A visual and natural color change that occurs in the middle of a spread.


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This download is awesome! I have never seen any of these changes before, and they all look amazing. Some of them are more for social media, but there are also some that are practical for real life. The tutorial was clear and filmed well. Some of these will take some practise, but it will be 100% worth it. Most of these are also impromptu which is great. Overall, I really enjoyed this download.





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