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Double Lift System: One Handed Magic download (video)
Double Lift System: One Handed
Magic download (video) by SaysevenT - $5.95

Discover a variety of methods for executing a double lift using just one hand with this third release in the Double Lift System. You’ll learn 4 special moves including: Memoria DL Radja DL Sanjaka DL Nusantara DL You’ll learn how to start the double lift from the top AND the bottom as well as an...

Hyper Fast Magic download (video)
Hyper Fast
Magic download (video) by SaysevenT - $9.00

11 insanely visual and innovative color changes jammed into one amazing download. This is an UNBELIEVABLE value. This is Hyper Fast from SaysevenT. Most of these changes are completely impromptu. No gimmicks or gaffs. Just pure sleight of hand. Download now to start learning: 1. TorzschA visual...

Revolt Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by SaysevenT - $7.50

Revolt is a series of brilliant card moves that you will use by SaysevenT. Learn 3 utility moves and more! Revolt by SaysevenT includes the following: 1.Card Control Heritase Control: Learn this new technique for controlling a card. Impromptu. Intermediate skill requirement...

EXOPALM the Shuriken Change Magic download (video)
EXOPALM the Shuriken Change
Magic download (video) by SaysevenT - $5.99

Get ready to learn some ninja skills with EXOPALM, the Shuriken Change!This color change is as quick and speedy as a knife throw, and it's extremely visual...because it happens with no cover! Even better, you can use the technique for steals, double lifts, card controls and much more!So dust off...

TEN KEYS CHANGE Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by SaysevenT - $13.95

Most color changes stop with one change, maybe two. But what if you could do ten? Or twenty? And they all looked just as magical as the first? Welcome to Ten Keys Change! This advanced sleight-of-hand method will let you do just that, performing color change after color change, each more mysterious...

Neo Sandwich Magic download (video)
Neo Sandwich
Magic download (video) by SaysevenT - $6.95

Most magicians like to perform card sandwich effects. This is my favorite sandwich routine - it's called Neo Sandwich. It utilizes a brand new and very clever method that you'll love! And, audiences are amazed! Points of interest: It's impromptu. MEDIUM skill requirement [intermediate to advanced]....

Noah Control Magic download (video)
Noah Control
Magic download (video) by SaysevenT - $4.95

Control a selected card with a quick transfer to the TOP or BOTTOM of the deck with the Noah Control. NO BREAK NEEDED. THIS IS COMPLETELY IMPROMPTU, PURE SLEIGHT OF HAND. The Noah Control is perfect for live performances as well as those that are recorded for Instagram or YouTube. In addition to...

WHEN Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by SaysevenT - $9.95

"WHEN did that happen?" is what will go through spectator minds with this new sleight, WHEN. This sleight allows you to switch one card for another with relative ease. All you do is place the card outjogged from the middle of the deck and the change happens without gimmicks or gaffs. Bonus...

Cardistry Project (YTF) Magic download (video)
Cardistry Project (YTF)
Magic download (video) by SaysevenT - $5.00

YTF is the highly anticipated 3rd release in the incredible Cardistry Project from SaysevenT. In this cardistry download, you'll learn 6 amazing cardistry moves: PECTA ION.09 COKRAM W4 FORZ G1Z PANJI2. Many of these moves are recommended for intermediate cardists. The instructions are super clear...

VALENZ Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by SaysevenT - $6.95

Looking for a stunning and visual Ambitious Card move? Check out VALENZ. You'll learn three handlings that allow the Ambitious Card to be seen up to the last second. Check out the trailer to see how stunning this appears.Add VALENZ to you repertoire and you won't be using that double lift...

System 20 Magic download (video)
System 20
Magic download (video) by SaysevenT - $8.95

Impossibly find a card that a spectator merely thinks of. Your audience will truly believe you have supernatural powers. This innovative self-working system is super easy to use. System 20 can be performed by anyone from beginner magicians to working professional magicians. System 20 does NOT use...