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Magic download (video) by Alex Pandrea ($7.95)

A new take on the classic Paint Brush Change by Roy Walton that allows for multiple color changes of a single playing card. On this tutorial Alex Pandrea teaches you the method in detail along with several neat applications.

Running time: 23 minutes


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Customer reviews for Monet


I love this. His method is practical, and it looks amazing. Taught in 20 minutes of pure detail. This is gold. Get it now.



An awesome colour change to have. It looks like a camera trick. And once you learn it, you might start fooling yourself.



This trick is brilliant! Before I bought this trick I thought it was some sort of camera trick. However, Alex's tutorial is exceptional! He breaks it down into detailed steps alowing you to follow along and he doesen't just do it once, he repeats it to ensure you fully understand. It is slightly knacky at first however if you keep practicing, it's easy to grasp and will it will wow any audience! Buy it now!



One of the smoothest card changes ever! Subtle but with a huge WOW factor !!!



Monet is the best version of he paint brush change out there. Just the fact that you can do 2 changes instead of 1, should seal the deal. Buy it.



This trick takes some hard work to get right. Just doing the move isn't good enough - it has to be done flawlessly to look good, otherwise it is obvious something fishy is going on - even if it isn't clear what. That is the only reason I didn't give it the full five stars. I'm still working on it.

Regardless, if you put in the time to learn it right, it looks just like the video. Very visual, very beautiful effect. And its more versatile than they let on in the promo video - you can end cleanly with one card, you can do triple changes instead of just a double, and it works on face down cards for color changing deck routines. This is worth getting.



Done right, it's awesome. The initial change is easy, The Reverse is going to take some time to look good. It's eye candy, so if you want to add dressing to your performance then get this.

Monet by Alex Pandrea