Magic by Alex Pandrea

Monet Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Alex Pandrea - $7.95

A new take on the classic Paint Brush Change by Roy Walton that allows for multiple color changes of a single playing card. On this tutorial Alex Pandrea teaches you the method in detail along with several neat applications. Running time: 23 minutes

AP Spread Control Magic download (video)
AP Spread Control
Magic download (video) by Alex Pandrea - $7.95

A bold new approach to Marlo's Convincing Control, a classic sleight in card magic. Devised by Alex Pandrea, the AP Spread Control is a universal tool for controlling a card to the top or bottom of the deck while out-jogged from a spread. Three techniques are explained, including a...

T.O.P. Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive T.O.P.
Magic download (video) by Alex Pandrea - $8.00

Alex Pandrea brings new light to an old move in card magic, something that should have been done ages ago. T.O.P. allows you to control a selected card to the top or bottom of the deck with little sleight of hand required. It can be used to force any card onto a spectator among other useful...

At the Table - Season 1 Live lecture
At the Table - Season 1
Live lecture by Daniel Garcia, Jon Armstrong, Alex Pandrea and Jason England - $49.95

Daniel Garcia This is your EXCLUSIVE chance to attend the online lecture experience with Danny Garcia. Garcia BURST onto the scene with his explosive and visual style of magic. Then he set his sights on television consulting, and helped sculpt the television careers of Dynamo, David Blaine,...

Alex Pandrea Live Lecture Live lecture
Alex Pandrea Live Lecture
Live lecture by Alex Pandrea - $7.95
Already aired. Download the lecture now!

Alex Pandrea is the new kid on the block, but already he has made a name for himself in magic. This is an opportunity to spend two hours with a rising star in magic, and pick his brain about how he creates sleights, how he assembles effects, and the approach he takes with his magic....

The Count DVD
The Count
DVD by Alex Pandrea - $19.95

This hands-off miracle has a myriad of different versions taught. The spectator selects a card in the fairest possible manner. They deal down from a shuffled, borrowed deck and stop where they wish. The selected card is lost by the spectator further into the middle of the pack. Without...

Over This World DVD
Over This World
DVD by Alex Pandrea - $19.95

A shuffled deck is handed to the spectator. They remove a card from anywhere in the deck. Without looking at, or touching the cards the magician is able to name the color of the card. This is repeated as many times as you wish. The magician then starts to separate all the black cards from...

Live Lectures DVDs - Season 1 DVD
Live Lectures DVDs - Season 1
DVD by Daniel Garcia, Jon Armstrong, Michael Ammar, Alex Pandrea and Jason England - $34.95

At the Table Live Lecture Series Season 1 starts with 5 heavy-hitting lectures, on 5 amazing DVDs. Each lecture is jam packed with magic that has been tried, tested and proven make you get noticed. With names like Michael Ammar, Daniel Garcia, Jason England, Alex Pandrea and Jon Armstrong, how...

The Second Deal 2.0 DVD
The Second Deal 2.0
DVD by Alex Pandrea - $14.95

If you're looking to really up your game with cards, there's no doubt that learning to master the second deal will do just that. This latest DVD from Alex Pandrea is an absolute must for any cardician. The second deal is one of the most coveted moves in card magic and one of the most...

Brick Pass DVD
Brick Pass
DVD by Alex Pandrea - $17.95

The road to card mastery involves the pass, PERIOD. Develop a SHOCKINGLY good one with the best in the world. This all new item comes in a slick premium DVD case with a description of the pass included on the inside cover taken from "The Expert at the Card Table". Original images...

TRAP Trick
Trick by Alex Pandrea - $24.95

They sign. They tear. You restore. TR.AP is a direct and visual piece of magic that leaves audiences stunned. A card is selected and signed by the spectator. The spectator folds the card and then cleanly, unmistakably tears it in half. With a light touch, the magician fuses the two...

The Diagonal Palm Pass DVD
The Diagonal Palm Pass
DVD by Alex Pandrea - $20.00

Alex Pandrea has been hailed as a modern master of the pass and for good reason! His passes are incredible. Here, he provides valuable insight into one of magic's most popular utility moves with his Brick Pass and Turnover Pass videos. Alex is back with the Diagonal Palm Pass DVD. The...

Coin Waltz DVD
Coin Waltz
DVD by Alex Pandrea - $21.95

Coin Waltz is Alex Pandrea's take on the classic fusion plot in magic, where two objects inexplicably become one. A quarter is borrowed from a spectator and signed with a permanent marker. A second quarter is also signed. The coins are held at the fingertips and slammed together, merging them into...

Trick by Alex Pandrea and Simon R. Stefan - $24.95

Give Their Smartphone a Mind of Its Own After a routine, you ask your spectator to pull out their smartphone so they can take a selfie to remember the moment. You ask them to focus on the phone and just imagine that it takes a photo. Without the screen or any buttons being touched, the...

Domino Effect Trick
Domino Effect
Trick by Alex Pandrea and Blue Crown - $35.00

The Domino Effect combines some of the most powerful elements in magic into one incredible routine. The magic is visual, it happens with every day objects, and it happens in the spectator's hands. No matter where you go, sugar packets are everywhere. From the most casual diner to the...

Visa Blue Playing Cards Deck of cards
Visa Blue Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Patrick Kun and Alex Pandrea - $10.00

VISA Playing Cards are the creation of Patrick Kun and Alex Pandrea. Enter the world of travel, adventure, and discovery. High quality tuck case printed with USPCC Custom elegant back design printed with metallic silver printed with USPCC crush paper stock Simplified...

Visa Playing Cards Deck of cards
Visa Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Patrick Kun and Alex Pandrea - $10.00

Patrick Kun and Alex Pandrea have partnered to encourage every magician and cardist to experience the wonder of adventure with the gorgeous travel-inspired Visa Playing Cards. The elegant back design of these premium playing cards has been created with striking metallic silver inks and pairs...

Europe DVD
DVD by Alex Pandrea - $19.95

Filmed over the course of Alex Pandrea's 2-month, multi-city "Minimal 2014" European lecture tour, this DVD is JAM-PACKED with material! A cornerstone element of the DVD is Alex's approach to routining - his theories on presentation, connecting with an audience, and structure. These are concepts...

Hollywood DVD
DVD by Alex Pandrea - $25.00

Join Alex Pandrea in Hollywood on a journey of card magic. On this DVD Alex teaches 3 moves with cards; a switch, a color change, and a control. In addition to the sleights, Alex provides multiple routines with each move so you can add them to your working repertoire. Filmed on...

Alex Pandrea Live Lecture DVD DVD
Alex Pandrea Live Lecture DVD
DVD by Alex Pandrea - $9.95

Alex Pandrea has surged to the cutting edge of sleight of hand magic. In a unique format, we'll explore the three facets of Alex's career. He began performing close-up at restaurants, where his material had to be quick, visual, and perfect for small groups. That evolved as Alex became immersed in...

Arson DVD
DVD by Alex Pandrea - $24.95

Our friend Alex Pandrea is digging deep into his repertoire--this is one of his oldest, and perhaps most commercial effects. It's basically Red Hot Mama, but with lovely routining and the clever addition of making the effect more visual by vanishing the lighter. A card is selected and...

Captain & Coke 2.0 (Magnetic) DVD
Captain & Coke 2.0 (Magnetic)
DVD by Alex Pandrea - $40.00

The ultimate modern version of Scotch & Soda just got better! Brought to you by The Blue Crown, Captain & Coke 2.0 is made with a US quarter and penny - no more fishy coins that nobody has ever seen before! The custom-made Captain & Coke 2.0 magnetic gimmick is precisely crafted to...

DVD by Alex Pandrea and Jonathan Price - $35.00

Jonathan Price and Alex Pandrea are two of New York's greatest underground magicians. In AM/PM they show you what real magic looks like, with 10 incredible original effects developed with real-world venues in mind. Alex and Jon use everyday props such as cards, money, sugar packets, pens, and...

Asia Lecture Tour 2.0 DVD
Asia Lecture Tour 2.0
DVD by Alex Pandrea - $25.00

Alex Pandrea and Patrick Kun are two well-known card magicians. But this DVD explains incredible effects using not only cards, but coins, matches, and iPhones. On this DVD, you will learn: CARD THING by Patrick Kun A very direct card sandwich effect that happens in the...

Prisoners Trick
Trick by Alex Pandrea - $24.95

The Sandwich Plot is a classic of magic. Most modern sandwich effects have one thing in common - they happen quickly, in the blink of an eye. Prisoners explores the other end of the spectrum, where every move is slow, clear, and deliberate. A card is selected and can be signed if desired. The card...