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Magic download (video) by Gregory Wilson ($12.00)

A Brand New, Five-Phase Card Routine from Gregory Wilson that will ONLY be available from Vanishing Inc.

With REVOLVER Gregory Wilson does what he does best: he takes powerful, proven plots and incorporates them into a polished performance piece. If you've ever searched for an Inversion routine or a Triumph routine, this has both! But it also has so much more. It has a logical beginning, middle, and end, and each phase sets you up for the next.

No table is ever used, and it plays for larger groups as well as one-on-one. At Vanishing Inc. our downloads have been primarily concerned with cutting edge, never-before-seen moves (of which there is one here), but with REVOLVER you're getting a ready-to-use card effect that will become a mainstay in your professional repertoire.

  • Uses no table, perfect for strolling
  • Has FIVE phases - use one, two, or all five phases; it's up to you.
  • Is visually arresting, with the entire deck changing orientation three different times

Running time: 22 minutes, 27 seconds.

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Customer reviews for Revolver



This is a great trick. Will admit the move is hard to do and lots of practice will be required, but if anything is worth having, its worth the practice. I'm up for the practice. Think it will be a great trick once mastered and I am sure Gregory Wilson spent many months practising this. For $10 thought it was a bargain... could spend that on 2 pints down the pub, but can't relive that. with this I can practice, learn, practice, learn, and then perform. vanishing Inc, love, and thank you!



Well I have to say I didn't buy this for ages because it looked far too advanced for me. Good news, it isn't at all.

The effect is 5 star and whilst te slieghts taugt are a bit rushed there is more than enough detail given to learn all the moves, so don't be put off by the other reviews. This is my first product of Gregs and it wont be my last.

His teaching of off beat and on beat timing is just awesome and that alone will make you a better performer. I performed 2 phases of this within an hr of seeing the download and it rocked.



Yes some of the moves are slightly rushed, but nothing that a quick rewind cant fix. Although it would be nice for him to explain it a few times so you can follow along, it wont prevent you from learning the trick. I personally believe that all the moves shown can be learnt by almost anyone but will require a decent amount of practise (just look at the effect though, of course it will require practise for somthing that looks that good!) Overall $10 is EXCELLENT value and is only bettered by the routine itself.



This trick is amazing. Watching the performance literally revived my love of card tricks. However, that being said, I do sympathize with one gripe that people have. It's in stage 5. Without giving anything away, there's a move that Greg casually does, and says that he's doing it to make it easier on him. In reality, it's a very important move. Also, at one point, the selected card has to be changed (using text on the screen) because he got something mixed up. They probably should have re-shot the lesson so that there wouldn't be any confusion.

But again... I LOVE this trick and will be practicing it for the next week or two, just like I would have 20 years ago.



I don't know what all the gripping is all about. First off, you get a KILLER card effect for just ten bucks that can be done with ANY deck, & it's by a master of magic, Gregory Wilson. Ok. So there's a couple times when you really have to pay attention to what's going on. That seems to be the problem. A lot of the reviewers seem to think they should have been led by the hand in this. What is wrong with this world where people have no idea how to figure anything out at all???? I guess I'm different. If I get a great tutorial like this for just 10 bucks, & have to maybe do a little thinking &/or research on something in it, that just ads to the fun of it. Kind of like a scavenger hunt. I don't know about the rest of you, but I KNOW I've blown 10 bucks SEVERAL times on a lousy meal at micky d's! Bravo Josh & Gregory, & thanks. :)



This is one of the most magical looking routines I've ever seen, and the great news is that other than a knacky (but not too difficult) colour change, this should be within the abilities of an intermediate card magician. I found the teaching to be excellent, if a little fast at times. Most importantly, Greg offers some brilliant advice on misdirection and performing sleights during the off beat to make them truly invisible.

This is possibly my favourite purchase I've ever made from Vanishing Inc. If you like the trailer, buy it!



Greg Wilson is a genius. Awesome and thorough explanation. It will take some practice to perfect this routine, but well worth it.





This is fantastic, I would suggest you watch it through and then do it one stage at a time as it does get fairly complicated. I am 61 years old and have only been doing magic for a year but I think this is within my capabilities, so don’t be put off, buy it and enjoy







This routine is beautifully polished and knocks out every audience I've shown it to even as just the bits and pieces I usually show it as. If you like money. This will get you paid!



Excellent and well-thought out effect. As others have mentioned, a detailed explanation is lacking for a final (and clean-up) move but one can find it described in many books and at least one video. I would have given a five-star rating if that move had been fully explained.



Very good, but... there are mistakes in the explanation. It is very hard to follow. I know you could do it better.



While this routine as a whole is not my style, there were a few subtleties and ideas that I have been able to take away from this that have helped to progress my own inversion routine, making it totally worth it.

A couple of the moves were not covered in great detail, the hardest of which I am fortunately already fine with, but for some people the detail in which it is covered may be a little disappointing. I hope this doesn't put people off, though, seen as this particular move is far more about practice and finding what works for you personally. Gregory Wilson provides one huge and very important tip when it comes to doing this sleight, and with this advice in mind, all that is required is a bit of trial and error and practice.



Gotta admit some of the phases fooled me. Thought it was a decent way to spend 10 bucks. There is pretty much a full demo of the trick so you actually know what you are buying. If I had one criticism it is that some of the moves, one in particular, could have been gone over in more detail. I guess that is what the rewind button is for. You can certainly learn the trick from the video



The effect itself is 5 stars. I LOVE this effect. One of the best card effects I've come across in a long time. Brilliant routine.

Unfortunately, the teaching on this download is pretty rushed so, like other here have already said, it's really difficult to follow. Especially the move used for the second reverse. It's not even really taught--he just kind of says what he's doing and moves on. I have the move referenced somewhere else, and I can do it on its own, but he's doing some extra work and it's really hard to figure out how those two things are coming together.

So, 5 star card trick, but I think this was really rushed out. I would have preferred to pay more and actually been able to learn it than still be struggling with just figuring out what I'm even supposed to be doing a month later after I purchased it.

Brilliant and beautiful routine, but this download is quite frustrating to try and learn from.



Really an interessting Magicpiece. But that particular Move is teached very very bad. And it is an very important, for me unknown move. So my money is lost and i cant do that trick, what is sad!



The trick looks fun to watch, but the explanation is difficult to impossible to follow. He rushes through and doesn't really take the time to explain it. If you are already a card expert, I'm sure this trick would be worth the money, but for the rest of us, this was a waste of money.



You know this trick is amazing but the explanation is terrible you just have to know all the sleights needed for this and he doesn't really teach you them he just says I'm going to do this sleight and this is what I'm doing he doesn't really teach it and him just explaining this trick is terrible he says things like I'm going to take this card a bunch of times but what and where is this card his arm and hand blocks it. Overall great trick extremely terrible explanation.