Magic download (video) by Gregory Wilson
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Magic download (video) by Gregory Wilson ($12.00)

Vanishing Inc is proud to present a brand new Gregory Wilson routine, performed and explained in Greg's inimitable style. Imagine being able to vanish, shrink, and expand a Bic pen. Now you can. You have to see this to believe it!

Running time: 12 minutes, 36 seconds.

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Customer reviews for Biclette



The effect as expected, is fantastic! My issue however is that I can no longer find the pens. The company has updated the design, making it a bit harder. I've searched 2 walmarts, 2 staples, an office max, 3 targets an acme and a cvs. Again, the effect and handling are SUPERB!!



This is one of the first things I ever bought from vanishing inc and it was my first introduction to Gregory Wilson’s material. It’s a very fun routine that can be done with little cost and has a lot of strong magic and plays great. I cannot recommend this enough.



Greg is awesome, great explanation. This effect will take practice for me to perfect.





First off let me just say. It's Gregory Wilson. I shouldn't have to say much else. Okay so maybe thats not compelling enough a reason for you as it was me. If thats the case you probably do not own any of Gregs material.

Well i have just about everything he has put out which i guess makes this review seem a little biased but for good reason. Greg is one of the best performers you will ever have to pleasure to see and he puts out some of the best most hard hitting practical magic on the market.

Biclette is no exception. I will be using this. It ties in perfectly with re-capped (another wilson creation that can be found in art of astonisment volume 1 and off the cuff AND on the spot). Trust me you will be using this as well. If you liked how it looked in the demo, get it. You won't be dissapointed.

-Connor Martin


Paul Joel Bernard

Gregory, Gregorr, Grag! You done it once again, man.

Deffinatly worth the $10! The teaches (as always with Master Wilson) was really good he leaves no pebble un-flipped. Plus you get to hear his sweet sweet voice... What more could you ask for?

The materials are very easy to find and make, it wont even take you 5 minutes. So your good to go.

The effect is straight foward technically, no hard or strange looking moves... But like everything NOTHING is 'Easy to Master', you have to practise everything, it's what the effect deserves!

As Connor said you can mix this up alot, just use your imagination. Odviosuly doing this in conjunction with recapped is good, but also with other effects!

Great stuff, I give it a thumbs up!



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