Magic download (video) by Alex Loschilov
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Magic download (video) by Alex Loschilov ($6.00)

Although you may not be familiar with Alex Loschilov, the sculptural flourishes in his debut collection, Triangulum, prove that this young cardist is not only talented with cards, but is creative and has great style. And we especially love how he minimizes emphasis on himself while maximizing focus on the cardistry. To us, this is the purest form of the art.

In Triangulum, Alex transforms concepts and ideas from cardists Joey Burton, Zach Mueller and Andrei Jikh into new ways of building one-handed triangles, including an impressive double triangle.


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In this download, Alex taught the moves with multiple angles so it's very easy to follow. The moves themselves are knuckle-busting and require a lot of practice. With just under $6, this is a real steal! I would suggest everyone to get this.



Mind blowing concept of a triangle on top of a triangle WITH JUST ONE HAND! I don't find this easy but the end result will definitely be worth it!

Triangulum by Alex Loschilov