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Magic by Alex Loschilov

Bound Control Magic download (video)
Bound Control
Magic download (video) by Alex Loschilov - $4.95

This shouldn't be possible. After watching this multiple times I still have no idea how this works.Orbit Brown "A beautiful, versatile, and deceiving technique." John Gustafaro From the creator of ascension comes a clean natural card control to the bottom of the deck. In the most unsuspecting...

Triangulum Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Triangulum
Magic download (video) by Alex Loschilov - $6.00

Although you may not be familiar with Alex Loschilov, the sculptural flourishes in his debut collection, Triangulum, prove that this young cardist is not only talented with cards, but is creative and has great style. And we especially love how he minimizes emphasis on himself while maximizing focus...

Accession Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Accession
Magic download (video) by Alex Loschilov - $8.00

Any four of a kind is inextricably controlled during this hypnotic routine. The Jacks are placed in separate piles of the pack, and without hesitation or any apparent sleight of hand, they melt through to the top of the deck, one at a time. Accession has been honed through professional performance,...