French Kiss

Trick by Wayne Houchin and Theory 11
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French Kiss

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Trick by Wayne Houchin and Theory 11 ($19.95)

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French Kiss - magic

From Wayne Houchin, renowned performer, creator, and star of Discovery Channel’s Breaking Magic.

In 2002, Wayne Houchin developed a unique card transposition effect. He called it French Kiss, and in 2009, he published the basic handling. Since then, it has become one of the most popular effects in card magic.

Your spectator is asked to select and sign a card at random. Their signed card is folded and held securely between their lips. You select a card as well, sign it, and place it in your mouth. Somehow, impossibly - the cards switch places. Your signed card ends up in their mouth. Their signed card ends up in your mouth.

It’s been called the most intimate effect in magic. Performed around the world by notable magicians like Cyril Takayama, Yif, Joshua Jay, Dynamo, & Dan White.

Refined and perfected over thousands of live performances. In addition to the basic effect, learn innovative variations including an all-new French Notepad Routine. Includes the original masterpiece and NEW applications.

30 minutes of instruction + Multiple Live Performances

Get a rare glimpse of Wayne Houchin performing his creation with additional voice-overs highlighting key moments of each presentation. Wayne shares his thoughts on magic - and how to maximize your reactions.


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  • One asks: Do we get a online video instruction?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes—thirty minutes of instruction, plus multiple live performances.
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This is an amazing effect. I love how you don't even need to use cards. When I perform the it, I use the notepad that the DVD comes with. I was at a Wayne Houchin lecture where I bought it and he told me that you can get the notepadss at Walmart. He was right and I bought a 3 pack for a couple dollars. I do recommend using a pencil instead of a pen. GO THAT EXTRA MILE AND GET THE DVD. The packaging looks great and it comes with a notepad. Don't be fooled though, it says "different subtleties" but that's a lie. There's only one main one and it makes it so you don't have to do that "secret move" twice. But most of you guys probably know it already.

5/5 stars

French Kiss by Wayne Houchin and Theory 11