Magic by Wayne Houchin

Sinful Book
Book by Wayne Houchin - $29.95

We started Vanishing Inc. because we LOVE quality magic items, and talking about them, and this is a BEAUTIFUL production. You’ll use the fabulous routine, but you will take such pleasure in reading and rereading this beautiful volume. A great investment! We’re more than happy to...

Counterfeit DVD
DVD by Wayne Houchin - $24.95

We see many torn and restored card routines come and go, and we have to admit -- several of them look really great. But the reason we pick Counterfeit by Wayne Houchin as our favorite in the genre is for its practicality. This isn't a "torn and restored" routine that you can only do head on or for...

French Kiss Trick
French Kiss
Trick by Wayne Houchin and Theory 11 - $19.95

From Wayne Houchin, renowned performer, creator, and star of Discovery Channel’s Breaking Magic. In 2002, Wayne Houchin developed a unique card transposition effect. He called it French Kiss, and in 2009, he published the basic handling. Since then, it has become one of the most popular...

Art of Magic DVD
Art of Magic
DVD by Wayne Houchin - $35.00

Wayne Houchin's Art of Magic is a groundbreaking instructional DVD on classic and contemporary magic tricks. This 120 minute - performance and instructional DVD features a unique look at the current state of magic. Including interviews with David Regal, Aaron Fisher, Dan and Dave Buck and (of...

Stigmata DVD
DVD by Wayne Houchin - $24.95

We're very pleased to be able to offer you one of Wayne Houchin's signature effects, Stigmata - a powerful and disturbing thought revelation that will have your spectators in awe! The effect is as follows. You ask a spectator to think of anything; a name, number, memory etc. With the...

Control 2.0 DVD
Control 2.0
DVD by Wayne Houchin - $29.95

CONTROL: an impromptu technique for creating the illusion of slowing down and stopping your heart. Demonstrating control over life and death is one of the most powerful things you can do. In this comprehensive DVD, Wayne Houchin (Sinful, Thread and Stigmata) takes you through the...