DVD by Wayne Houchin
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DVD by Wayne Houchin ($24.95)

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Counterfeit - magic

We see many torn and restored card routines come and go, and we have to admit -- several of them look really great. But the reason we pick Counterfeit by Wayne Houchin as our favorite in the genre is for its practicality. This isn't a "torn and restored" routine that you can only do head on or for small groups. We've seen Wayne do this in nearly every setting, and it looks just as good in real life. 

Counterfeit is a piece-by-piece restoration which is not difficult at all. It is, in fact, easier than all piece-by-piece restorations we know of. This effect has a lasting quality, and your investment in the routine will yield a piece you can do anytime, anywhere, with minimal preparation.

When Guy Hollingworth popularized the piece by piece torn and restored card plot, he set off a wave of creativity and adaptation which still ripples through the magic community. With each year it seems the visual clarity of the effect inches closer and closer to perfect. Enter Counterfeit, which is both visually stunning and memorable. Your audience will visually see as piece by piece, seam by seam, the card right before their very eyes comes back to life.  But this isn't just magic that people see, this is magic people believe.


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    Customer reviews for Counterfeit



    I can't wait to get hold of this. I saw Wayne lecture this and I loved it. The angles are good and it does not look hard to do at all!



    Wayne is the best! He really understands how to take the best magic and makes it simple and easy to understand! This is a real worker!



    To be honest, I sadly don't use it a whole lot. It is an amazing effect though. Burning the card is what makes the trick amazing, but sometimes (depending on the situation) I can't do that. Some people can smell the smoke. You can do it without burning the card, but it looks way better if you burn it.

    4/5 stars

    Counterfeit by Wayne Houchin