Trick by Manoj Kaushal
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Trick by Manoj Kaushal ($39.95)

In stock. Order in the next 9 hours, 13 minutes and it will go out today!
SWITCH - magic

An amazing switching device that allows you to easily switch, vanish or transform a card.

Unlike other impractical devices, "SWITCH" is not just another piece of visual eye candy for social media magic videos.

What really sets "SWITCH by Manoj Kaushal" apart from other similar switch envelopes is the fact you can let the spectator remove the card themselves or even look inside. There's no need to awkwardly make your audience watch from a distance or not let them touch the envelope.

In fact, with "SWITCH", you'll actually ENCOURAGE your audience to hold the envelope and remove its contents. Its like the magic is really happening in their hands.

  • NO elastics
  • NO magnets
  • NO flaps
  • Super practical, super easy
  • Resets instantly

It's time to make the SWITCH!


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  • Doug asks: If/when the envelope tears or wears out, will I be able to construct my own replacement envelope...or will I need to spend another $40?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If you're able to deconstruct the envelope, then it is possible to DIY a new one but you'll most likely need to get a new envelope.
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Customer reviews for SWITCH



There are some good points and bad points. I've only been playing with this for a day so there may be some fixes over time.

Firstly, the print quality on the 'King' is TERRIBLE, the colours are wrong, the lines are too thick and it may just be me looking too much into this but I would really want to limit the amount of time it spends in a spectators hand whilst 'switched'. Fine for distance/table/parlour but adapting it for close-up I would avoid unless low light.

The device isn't overly smooth and gets stuck, I'm hoping this 'wears' over time and becomes easier but at the same time if it becomes too loose that will also be detrimantal. The device looks to be fairly basic and repeairable should you break the envelope and in reality you could probably make a duplicate (only better) if you had some crafting skills - though to be 'better' it would also need to be thicker too.

The video instructions are basic with a couple of routines but fails to tackle one of the questions asked in the trailer (on the main routine) which is also asked by spectators - what happened to the king. This is easily addressed if you modify the routine so the 'king' not only 'finds the card' but also switches places. For what it is I think it's slightly over-priced but it does work and is a useful small utility with a couple of uses. Fits nicely in jacket wallets/tall himbers for even more use too.

I'd give it 3/5 stars as there are things that could be improved but overall it is a cool idea and very visual with the panel as well as being able to be shown and [briefly] handled as an empty envelope by spectators.

SWITCH by Manoj Kaushal