Magic by Manoj Kaushal

Manoj Linking Pins DVD
Manoj Linking Pins
DVD by Manoj Kaushal - 25.00

Imagine being able to link and unlink two safety pins in the most visual manner possible. Now imagine being able to link & unlink...

Trick by Manoj Kaushal - 39.95

An amazing switching device that allows you to easily switch, vanish or transform a card. Unlike other impractical devices, "SWITCH" is...

Manoj Candle  DVD & props
Manoj Candle
DVD & props by Manoj Kaushal - 79.95

Fire and Levitation, the two most intriguing elements of magic are now fused in ONE stage device. Create the strong and surreal visual...

Vanish & Switch Magic download (video)
Vanish & Switch
Magic download (video) by Manoj Kaushal - 5.00

This is a deceptive yet simple technique. Vanish & Switch takes a new approach to false transfers, vanishes and switches.  Use it to vanish...

CLICK by Manoj Kaushal Trick
CLICK by Manoj Kaushal
Trick by Manoj Kaushal - 35.00

CLICK is a slick device that lets you capture the future. Anything and everything that your spectator is thinking can be predicted with...

Trick by Manoj Kaushal - 24.95

Their SIGNED CARD appears in THEIR HANDS, warmly wrapped inside THEIR BILL. Card to Impossible Location is a classic and for good reason --...

Virtual Prediction Trick
Virtual Prediction
Trick by Manoj Kaushal - 20.00

Easily predict anything in your virtual magic shows! From straightforward predictions of numbers, words and birthdays to book tests, drawing...

The Zenith Deck Trick
The Zenith Deck
Trick by Manoj Kaushal - 29.95

A name card appears printed on the tuck case. "The Zenith Deck" is an innovative new effect that allows you to make truly impossible...

Lockdown Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Manoj Kaushal - 12.95

Easily locate a free selection in a borrowed shuffled deck using this brilliant creative principle from Manoj Kaushal. With "Lockdown",...

Decipher Trick
Trick by Manoj Kaushal - 24.95

A powerful, deceptive and easy-to-use mentalism utility. "Decipher" is the ultimate peek envelope you've been waiting for. With...

Decipher Manila Trick
Decipher Manila
Trick by Manoj Kaushal - 25.00

Decipher is the most powerful, easiest-to-master peek envelope in mentalism. Decipher anything that a spectator writes or draws! Hand a business card...

Static Levitation DVD
Static Levitation
DVD by Manoj Kaushal - 9.95

Static Levitation allows for some very magical looking effects. You can suspend bills or other objects in mid air. As if they have been frozen there....

Restore TnR Card Magic download (video)
Restore TnR Card
Magic download (video) by Manoj Kaushal - 8.99

Now you can perform the Torn and Restored Card easily and hassle free! Using this easily made gimmick, you'll be able to make the torn pieces come...

Manoj Bottle Trick
Manoj Bottle
Trick by Manoj Kaushal - 24.95

A BORROWED PEN, RING or even a small COOKIE melts through the SOLID bottom of an examined water bottle! NO PALMING. NO SWITCHES OR DITCHES. JUST A...