CLICK by Manoj Kaushal

Trick by Manoj Kaushal
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CLICK by Manoj Kaushal

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Trick by Manoj Kaushal ($35.00)

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CLICK by Manoj Kaushal - magic
CLICK by Manoj Kaushal CLICK by Manoj Kaushal CLICK by Manoj Kaushal CLICK by Manoj Kaushal CLICK by Manoj Kaushal

CLICK is a slick device that lets you capture the future. Anything and everything that your spectator is thinking can be predicted with precision.

The best part is... the prediction is a photograph.

Not yellow posts

Not business cards

Not phones...

It's a freaking photograph!

You ask your spectator to think of anything. An envelope with just ONE photograph is sitting on the table in full view. When you slide the photograph out of the envelope, it matches your spectator's thought precisely. First they rub their eyes in disbelief, and then they rub their finger over the photograph just to reconfirm that the prediction is indeed inside the photograph.

CLICK gives you the ability to predict anything:

  • Words
  • Symbols
  • Names
  • Numbers

Nothing else is in play. Just your hands and an envelope with only one photograph.

What makes CLICK such a complete package?

  • The prediction is actually in the photograph
  • It's small enough to fit in your pocket
  • Reset happens in seconds, which makes it perfect for walk around
  • Prediction is made in REAL TIME
  • Prediction is 100% correct....GUARANTEED
  • ZERO sleights
  • Suitable for magic and mentalism
  • 360 degree performance angle

This new, easy-to-use, powerful effect will become your favorite.

Don't trust words. Trust pictures.


Community questions about CLICK by Manoj Kaushal

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  • Carlos asks: How many words could you predict?Could It be a sentence or just a Word?

    • 1. Tony answers: a word, a number, a name of a card, etc
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  • Michael A asks: Do you need to buy refills?

    • 1. Tony answers: You don't need to buy a refill as long as you take care of the gimmick
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  • David asks: IS THIS LIKE "CONSOLE" FROM ELLUSIONIST???? (which needed a printer ugh!!)

    • 1. Tony answers: They are a completely different method and you don't need a printer
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  • salvador asks: ¿funciona en español o solo en inglés?

    • 1. Anthony answers: It works in all languages, but the instructions are only in English.
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  • Scott asks: Can this be preformed by yourself without aid of an accomplice?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Absolutely.
  • Zuhairr asks: Any electronics involved? Is it really as clean as it appears in the trailer?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Zero electronics. In my opinion, the performance is clean. There is only a brief moment where you will want some minor misdirection. If you have any experience as a performer, you can make CLICK look clean.
  • Zuhairr asks: Is the gimmick DIY-able?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No. The value in this purchase is the manufactured "ready to use" gimmick.
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Customer reviews for CLICK by Manoj Kaushal



This is a pretty good gimmick. I have now used it in the restaurant I work in and it was taken very well. It really is all on your delivery.

I don't use the envelope though.
The instructor is VERY redundant. So prepare for a LOT or repeating info. I didn't appreciate the 5 min ads at the end either nor the 'below Vanishing Inc' audio standards.

Otherwise, It's pretty good and I'll use it occasionally.



I have to admit the trailer is very misleading. There is another trailer which you can find on YouTube of an actual performance, but even that would be in a lucky situation. The gimmick looks nothing like in this trailer, and it would be very hard to do predictions over 4 letters or numbers long. It can’t really be inspected and definitely not kept. It looks very suspicious, not like a photo.

CLICK by Manoj Kaushal by Manoj Kaushal