Brain Child

Trick by Kyle Purnell
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Brain Child

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Trick by Kyle Purnell ($24.95)

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Brain Child - magic
Brain Child Brain Child Brain Child

An amazing and fooling Card at Number effect from the endlessly creative Kyle Purnell. On the heels of his bestselling effect “Big Picture”, Kyle is back again with “Brain Child"—the strongest card magic trick in his entire set.

"’Brain Child’ is an innovative approach to 'Think-A-Card' which will blow your audiences away. Super-easy to do, fooling and with an impossible kicker that no one will see coming!" Mark Elsdon

“Brain Child” by Kyle Purnell is a true mindblower. It fooled our pants off when we saw it. A playing card is thought of and three numbers are chosen by the audience. Impossibly, when that number is dealt, it ends on the thought-of card. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s the only odd-colored card in the deck. And, of course, since Kyle always has to push impossibility to the limit, the trick ends examinable.

Let’s dive a little deeper…

You give the deck a small shuffle and then show the audience some cards and allow them to freely think of one. As you give the deck of cards another quick mix, you ask three questions. What month were you born? How many letters are in your name? What is the value of the card you’re thinking of? This combined number of cards is then dealt to find the card they were thinking of at that position. As a kicker, the card they thought of is the only blue card in an all red deck.

While Kyle Purnell has created some powerful magic in the past, this is truly special. The custom “Brain Child” deck of cards you receive makes everything possible. And it’s very easy to use. No rough and smooth, misprinted cards or complex fragile gimmicks are required. You’ll learn multiple handlings include a self-working method and also how you can add a little sleight of hand to make the effect basically bulletproof.

NOTE: All of our “Brain Child” decks are made with red bicycle playing cards.

“Brainchild is just even more clever thinking from Kyle, that bring a one two punch of amazement to their Brains and smiles to their faces.” Jon Armstrong

"Kyle Purnell's ‘Brain Child’ deck absolutely fooled me...TWICE! First with the the thought of card, then AGAIN with the kicker ending. This is one clever trick!" Cody S. Fisher

“Card magic does not get much stronger than this. A thought of card at number effect with a brainwave kicker and it ends clean? No wonder Kyle closes with this, it's absolutely killer!" David Jonathan

"’Brain Child’ is Kyle doing what he does best ... being a GENIUS! Practically no sleights, impossible effect, totally examinable, and ONE KILLER KICKER ENDING!!" GregRostami

"Kyle Purnell has done it again! I did not see that ending coming. A practical, powerful miracle." Matt Baker

"A wonderful 'garden-path' effect. The effect is clever and deceptive. The kicker will knock them on their @*!" Michael Feldman


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  • Steven asks: Any sleights involved?

    • 1. Jeff answers: Yes, running cards. At one point, Kyle prefers to do a pass, an easy alternative is given. Once again, preferred move is a gamblers cop, but not absolutely essential.
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  • Allan asks: What do you mean by "running cards" ? Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It refers to pulling cards onto the top of the deck one at a time as you do an Overhand Shuffle.
  • Chris asks: In the video, it says “instantly repeatable with a different card” how accurate is that? Would this be suitable for walk around?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is a small reset but it is great for walk around.
  • Evyatar asks: do I get like normal cards and a video?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes and the video is a video download.
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