Big Picture

Trick by Kyle Purnell
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Big Picture

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Trick by Kyle Purnell ($29.95)

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Big Picture - magic
Big Picture Big Picture Big Picture Big Picture Big Picture Big Picture

A perfect prediction of a freely chosen word. It’s time to step back and see the “Big Picture”.

“Big Picture” by Kyle Purnell offers your audience a chance to peek behind the curtain at the life of a magician and mentalist. It offers a super unique premise in which you can present the “Big Picture” deck as a tool that helps you learn to read minds, and then prove it with a real-life example.

Each card has a different object written on it. As you go through the cards, one at a time, your spectator thinks of just one word. You then bring their attention to a prediction that has been in clear view the entire time. For the first time, they then tell you the word they thought of. You turn over the prediction to show that, impossibly, there is a crystal-clear drawing that perfectly matches the word they chose.

No writing anything down. No peeks. They have a free choice to just think of any word they see. It can be a different word each time you perform it.

And the words are all different. If you’re thinking there’s a ton of words that could all have a similar drawing. Sorry, that’s not it. This super clever method is oozing with the signature creativity Kyle Purnell is beloved for.

“Big Picture” is super easy to use. It comes ready-to-go with a custom-crafted deck of Bicycle playing cards that takes care of all the hard word for you. No complex sleight of hand required. You’ll be ready to perform it just a few minutes after watching the detailed tutorial.

If you’re a worker, we know you might be nervous about carrying around another deck of cards when table-hopping or performing close-up magic. But, the fact “Big Picture” is so much more than just an ordinary card trick, gets huge reactions and resets instantly makes it well worth the pocket space.

“Big Picture” is a super entertaining and memorable routine that is perfect for everyone from hobbyists to professional magicians. It will make anyone look like a mind reading expert and is bound to become a mainstay in your repertoire.

Since Big Picture was released, we have been made aware of a wonderful effect called "Bob Ross Would Have Liked This" by Leo Reed. Although the two effects were created independently of each other, we would like to acknowledge Leo for his contribution to this premise.

The “Big Picture” deck is made with red Bicycle playing cards.


Community questions about Big Picture

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  • Martin asks: Is it the same prediction every time?

    • 1. Kyle Purnell (creator) responds: No sir :) different prediction every time. That said, I'd not perform this twice for the same group ??
  • Rick asks: I know the cards are pre-written, but is the nature of the deck/gimmick such that the average purchaser of this product could make up their own custom set of words/pictures?

    • 1. Philipp answers: Without giving away the method, yes, you can create a set of words and pictures in any language.
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  • Rick asks: Are there any arts & crafts involved (ie: writing out names and/or pictures on the cards), or does the deck come ready to perform?

    • 1. Kyle Purnell (creator) responds: The deck comes ready to use :) if you want the question marks on the predictions, you'll draw those yourself:)
  • Jonathan asks: Hi. Looks quite intriguing. QUESTION: How many cards are in this special deck? I.e, is it the standard 52 cards - - - or less? Many Thanks, Jonathan Westchester County, NY

    • 1. Kyle Purnell (creator) responds: Hi :) it's comparable to the size of a standard deck ??
  • Kenneth asks: One answer to a question stated that any language could be used. Is it necessary to use all 52 cards or can a smaller number be used?

    • 1. Jim answers: A smaller number can be used.
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  • Jean asks: I noticed that Kyle put the deck any very quickly after the prediction card were dropped on the table. I assume the deck cannot be examined, correct?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The deck cannot be examined however, about 40 of the cards can be examined. After performing this trick almost 50+ times at Magic Live and at other gigs, no one has asked to examine the deck.
  • George asks: as I understand you can make up your own words in your own language. Does this also mean it can be turned into a Jumbo deck version for stage work? (I don't mind some arts and crafts work at all, just in case)

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You would need to make up a deck yourself, but yes you could do this if you wanted to.
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Customer reviews for Big Picture



Very easy to do and the surprise ending is great! My first time thru it even caught me off guard. Something different even if it is with playing cards.



Just as you see it performed on the promo video. Clear instructions and skill required is well within the reach of any magician - the presentation is up to you. I will definitely be adding this to my close-up repertoire and my virtual shows.



Kyle Purnell's "Big Picture" is an outstanding effect that is a real worker and the result of some very creative thinking. The simplicity involved in presenting this effect allow the performer to focus on presentation and if the requisite amount of time is dedicated to perfecting this effect, it is guaranteed to be a winner! I highly recommend Big Picture for any serious performer.



Very clever, easy to do, and the results for me personally have been excellent. There’s a few hidden things going on and the spectators never have a clue, it seems so innocent, yet it’s so diabolical, haha! Kyle has thought this through and has worked out a couple improvements which make the effect even better. The bottom line: It’s a joy to perform!



The method is so clever and deceptive. Great thinking from Kyle to create this monster of a prediction routine. Sleight free and so easy to do, the deck does everything for you. Highly recommended if you are looking for something different, very powerful and fun to do.



Fantastic! I learned it very quickly, and it is a extreme mindblower. They think that you have a back up prediction with the two cards, and are completely unaware that you are 100% accurate with the picture that is revealed! This is a trick that caused me to swing more into mentalism!


sebastian raul

just perfect, great efect is a must have





I came here looking for something just like this. Thank you!





A well thought out effect. Not only is the effect easy to perform, it can be different every time.
Additionally, Kyle’s presentations are always spot on, and filled with additional information to be used as you get better at the effect. This is definitely a worker, with an easy reset.
Highly recommend.



This is a wonderful effect that can be repeated with equal quality.
I had to hold on to the wagon to absorb the extire explanation, but the ride was
well worth it.
First class mateial with a straight forward plot.
Keep them coming.


Raul (Jay)

I’m not really much into mentalism, but when I saw Kyle perform this trick, I already feel like a mentalist! The great thing about this CardTrick is that the performer asked a spectator to just think of a card. I also really love the two prediction process! I practice every day as an amateur magician! That gives me the confidence to know that I can perform it well when the time is appropriate



I like this effect and plan to perform it. It is a different take on multiple outs but offers some new twists to perk things up. Done the right way, your spec will be made to feel smart and psychic and amazed.



I enjoyed it although I’m still working on it. I just took a quick glance at it and so far I like it. I will be excited when I can actually take time out to completely focus on this trick



Wow such a nice effect and it uses cards. But it's not really a card trick! This will fry them good. If you know they are not big card trick fans, pull this out. Hear them groan and then fry them with it.