Magic by Kyle Purnell

B.C.U.S. Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Kyle Purnell - $10.00

When Kyle Purnell first showed us his Business Card Utility Sleight, or 'B.C.U.S.', our eyes popped! We watched him do it again and still, we were amazed! Imagine this, you draw an image of Pacman on the back of a business card in permanent ink. Then, the ink VISIBLY moves across the card, as...

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Elimination Experiment Trick
Elimination Experiment
Trick by Kyle Purnell - $20.00

Mentalism and Magic all in one mesmerizing effect! Kyle Purnell presents a powerful workhorse routine straight from his professional strolling repertoire. The magician presents the 5 standard ESP symbols and instructs the spectator to choose ONE and only ONE symbol to eliminate....

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Promotion Trick
Trick by Kyle Purnell - $39.95 NOW $19.97 (SAVE $19.98)

Remove a normal five dollar bill from your wallet, or even borrow one from a spectator. Have it signed. Visually change it into a $20 bill! A moment later, hand the just changed twenty out to be examined. Their signature is still across the bill! The bill can be borrowed and signed!...

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Thinking Inside the Box DVD
Thinking Inside the Box
DVD by Kyle Purnell - $29.95 NOW $14.97 (SAVE $14.98)

Thinking Inside the Box is a wonderful new DVD from Kyle Purnell, featuring six routines of traditional magic. Torn-and-restored, elastic band and card magic effects are taught in great detail that will fit into your working set in no time. In this DVD collection of routines, you'll...

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