Tiny Dancer

Trick by Kyle Purnell
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Two signed cards fuse and shrink into a brain-breaking impossible object they get to keep. The perfect souvenir!
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Tiny Dancer

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Trick by Kyle Purnell (24.95)

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Tiny Dancer - magic
Tiny Dancer Tiny Dancer Tiny Dancer Tiny Dancer Tiny Dancer Tiny Dancer Tiny Dancer Tiny Dancer Tiny Dancer

Two signed cards fuse together and shrink in a visual moment that ends with a one-of-a-kind impossible object they’ll keep and cherish forever. “Tiny Dancer” by Kyle Purnell is a true jaw-dropper that leaves an unforgettable impression.

"When Kyle first showed me this I was BLOWN away. This is the very best version of Anniversary Waltz I have ever seen. How Kyle managed to figure out a way of fusing two cards signed on the face AND shrinking them as well I have no idea! Commercial, creative, visual and expansive! Another massive hit from the brilliant Kyle Purnell" Craig Petty

Kyle Purnell is an expert at reinventing classic ideas into incredible new routines. “Tiny Dancer”, his ingenious take on the Anniversary Waltz / Fused Cards plot, elevates this concept to a new dimension. This beautiful madness is a must-have in the arsenal of any close-up magician.

You hand an Ace and a Two to your participants for examination. They then each sign one of the cards before you push them face to face. Your audience won’t believe their eyes as these cards visually shrink in size. The two cards are now one small card, which is turned over to reveal it has also transformed into a three with both their signatures. They get to keep this magical gift.

"Very cool. A multiple transformation, traveling signatures, and an impossible object all wrapped in a twist on the classic Anniversary Waltz plot. It’s a lot of magic in one tiny package!" Francis Menotti

“Tiny Dancer” is a perfect representation of Kyle Purnell’s next-level thinking. The insanely clever method uses special gimmicked cards combined with simple sleights that are well within reach of most magicians. To make learning even easier, Kyle explains everything in complete detail for both right and left-handed magicians.

You’ll receive enough ready-made gimmicks for 52 performances. As a special bonus, Kyle also shares a stripped-down version of his beloved "Pip Sleek 2.0" effect (which he typically uses to lead into "Tiny Dancer").

Give two audience members a memorable experience and souvenir they’ll never forget with “Tiny Dancer” by Kyle Purnell.

"The worst thing about this trick is that you will see the trailer first (there's no other way to sell it). I saw it in its early development, with no inkling of the ending, and I, and the pro magic guys with me, freaked out! No, really. Visceral shock!" Ken Weber

"I’m a huge fan of souvenir tricks. Coins that bend in the spectator’s hand, personalized cards, and impossible objects are great examples of such souvenirs. I’m also a huge fan of Kyle Purnell and he is offering a charming souvenir card trick in ‘Tiny Dancer’. Memorable and magical describe this effect which makes this a win-win for you and your audience." Lonnie Chevrie</cite

"Kyle’s ideas are always innovative. I have never imagined a signed card shrinking before. And his delicate touch and thinking make this magic even more perfect." Jeki Yoo

"Nothing tiny here--this is huge! Love it." Ben Harris

Live Performance of "Tiny Dancer" by Kyle Purnell


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