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Trick by Daniel Bryna and Dave Loosely ($30.00)

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Expansion - magic
Expansion Expansion Expansion Expansion Expansion Expansion

In "Expansion" you cause a small hole in a card to VISUALLY stretch into a large hole, which you can drop a coin through. This may seem random, but the presentation beautifully justifies the effect. You get everything you need to perform "Expansion" and it's a terrific new product. We were fooled!

"Expansion is like a cartoon which has come to life, and just like in the cartoons, the spectators' eyes will pop out witnessing it! Love it!"
- Gary Jones

Daniel Bryan, Dave Loosley and Rob Bromley have joined forces to bring you this super visual, totally eye-popping and 100% commercial effect!

Expansion has to be seen to be believed -- it really is an absolutely perfect close up effect.

A card is selected and signed (any card, no force required). The magician then punches a hole in the card. Handing the card and a borrowed coin to your spectator, a challenge is set. Can they get the coin through the hole without damaging the card?

They can try as much as they like, but it's painfully obvious the coin will not fit through the hole. Well, not unless the spectator can pull a miracle out of the bag!

You now offer to demonstrate how to solve this impossible-looking puzzle. You visually stretch the hole until it is big enough for the coin to fall through comfortably and then, with just a flick, the hole visually shrinks back down to its normal its size.

At this point, the card and coin are handed back to your spectator.

Expansion is easy to do, comes with hand-engineered gimmick and full instructional DVD explaining Dave Loosley's commercial handing (simply supply your own regular hole punch and matching deck and you're set to go).

Available in Red or Blue backs.


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Dave Loosely's approach of using the trick as a bar bet is a great set-up. The idea of the effect is excellent however, I had issues with the gimmick itself. The problem centered around the flick to re-set the gimmick. In particular, the gimmick would not re-align itself properly. This is troubling since it is made by Rob Gromley who by all accounts is a master at making card gimmicks. Still in all, I like the effect and will give it another try with the replacement gimmick.

Expansion by Daniel Bryna and Dave Loosely