Magic by Dave Loosely

At The Table - August 2017 Live lecture
At The Table - August 2017
Live lecture by Paul Gordon and Dave Loosely - $9.95

August brings you two of the UK's most prolific creators, Dave Loosley and Paul Gordon! Dave Loosley is a lecturer, creator and professional magician whose effects are performed by real workers the world over. In this At The Table lecture, Dave explains tricks and routines that he has...

Expansion Trick
Trick by Daniel Bryna and Dave Loosely - $30.00

In "Expansion" you cause a small hole in a card to VISUALLY stretch into a large hole, which you can drop a coin through. This may seem random, but the presentation beautifully justifies the effect. You get everything you need to perform "Expansion" and it's a terrific new product. We were...