Matrix Art

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Matrix Art

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Trick by Mickael Chatelain ($65.00)

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Matrix Art - magic
Matrix Art Matrix Art Matrix Art Matrix Art Matrix Art Matrix Art Matrix Art Matrix Art

This is visual magic at its finest. A DIABOLICAL method and REVOLUTIONARY construction unlike anything you've ever seen.

Mickael Chatelain has done it again!

With Matrix Art, you invite a spectator to select a playing card from your deck of cards. You then use a hole punch to punch a hole in all 4 corners of the card. There are no optical illusions or black art. You now hold a card with 4 visible and real holes. You can even put your hand behind the card to prove it.

You then begin impossibly move each hole right in front of the spectator. They will not believe their eyes. When you get to the final hole, you pull it right off the card and toss it at the other 3 that are grouped together. Impossibly, the final hole visually materializes right next to the other holes. Your audience will be able to clearly see that all 4 real holes are now grouped in the same corner.

Still holding the card in your hand, you snap fingers and instantly make all the holes jump right back to their original positions on the 4 corners of the card. This is a true visual miracle.


You then visually remove each hole from the card one-by-one, a completely impossible and crazy feat. With all 4 holes "in between your fingers", you throw them at the card and the all magically appear in 1 corner.

To finish, you move the holes back to their corners and hand the card to your spectator to examine. This card, which is the one they chose at the beginning, has 4 very real holes that will not move--no matter how hard they try.

Matrix Art Features

  • NO flaps
  • NO black Art
  • NO difficult manipulation or advanced sleight of hand
  • Pass your hand behind the holes at any point to show they are real and not an illusion
  • Moving the holes is easy and entirely under your control the whole time
  • Gimmick card can be shown very closely
  • Resets instantly

Forget all the other methods you've ever seen or used. There is nothing comparable to Matrix Art.

The mechanism is truly a marvel of manufacturing. Each Matrix Art is handmade and takes several hours to complete. However, it's truly worth it when you see how powerful and visual this magic trick is. You're going to LOVE performing this one.

Matrix Art is a fantastic visual magic trick for those hosting virtual magic shows or posting magic to TikTok and Instagram.



Community questions about Matrix Art

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  • alonzo asks: are the instructions available on dvd?

    • 1. Tony answers: This trick comes with an online instruction
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  • John asks: Matrix Art looks familiar to me. Is this a re-release of a similar matrix effect by Mr. Chatelaine from a few years ago, or is this totally different from his earlier release? I am asking because I own the previous model and it is a work of art...incredible construction for sure!

    • 1. John answers: I’m answering my own question as no one else seems to know. Matrix Art is not Matrix or Matrix 2.0, which were previously released by Mickael Chatelain. I found my original Matrix from him and it is fantastic, but cannot do what his new Matrix Art is able to do. You cannot snap your fingers and cause all 4 holes to return to their corners with either of his previous releases. This is a totally NEW construction that must be an improvement on his original Matrix. I’ve ordered it today from Vanishing Inc.
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  • Thomas asks: Is it - in principle - possible to show the face of the card (regardless which card value it would be), i.e. the face of a normal card, and if yes, anytime during the presentation or only in certain phases?

    • 1. alonzo answers: ive read on the cafe its a double backer.
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  • William asks: Hello, can the card be handed out to spectators for examination?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No, it is heavily gimmicked. You would need to switch it in order to hand it out.
  • Theo asks: Is there any noise

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Technically, there might be the sound of cardboard moving against cardboard, but in reality, no.
  • Mr. asks: Will the blue gimmick have a slight advantage in hiding the method?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yup
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Customer reviews for Matrix Art



Absolutely brilliant this is definitely the James Bond of magic tricks. You just receive the card and a dupe (no punch) but the work which has gone into creating the gimmick justifies the price. Looks like real magic. This is a keeper!



The idea is solid and the gimmick is well thought out but I’m getting really tired of homemade gimmicks. It’s always a crap shoot whether or not you get a good one or one with issues. Mine has a couple issues. Some may say that with proper handling and audience management those issues go away but if I’m buying a product I shouldn’t have to make up for manufacturing issues. At the end of the day I’ll take the secret and make a new one for my personal use. That’s what we pay for I guess, the secret.