Matrix Revolution

Trick by Mickael Chatelain and Gi'Mick Magic
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Matrix Revolution

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Trick by Mickael Chatelain and Gi'Mick Magic (65.00)

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Matrix Revolution - magic
Matrix Revolution Matrix Revolution Matrix Revolution Matrix Revolution Matrix Revolution Matrix Revolution

If you thought, "Matrix Art" couldn't get any better. Think again! Mickael Chatelain is one of the most innovative gimmick creators in the world, and "Matrix Revolution" makes this beloved effect more versatile, more powerful and more visual than ever before.

So what makes "Matrix Revolution" so special? Why did David Copperfield insist on having one of the first run of gimmicks that ended up selling out in just 2 hours?

The answer is simple. This is a truly incredible piece of visual magic. In fact, it's quite possibly one of the most amazing card magic gimmicks in the world. Everything happens at your fingertips and feels more impossible than ever.

To answer the other question we know you all have: the major difference between "Matrix Art" and "Matrix Revolution" is that "Matrix Revolution" allows you to now move the holes one by one, and make them disappear and reappear one by one as well.

One hole, two holes, three and even four holes appear on the card. Each one obeys your fingers and eyes, moving one by one around the card. They appear and disappear, all without any visible gestures or sneaky movements on your part. It is so clean, it feels like real magic.

Month and months have been put into developing this revolutionary gimmick. Each "Matrix Revolution" is made by hand and takes several hours to complete. This is done to ensure they are built to last. There are NO FLAPS or NO MAGNETS to worry about. It's build to withstand continued used in close-up magic, street magic or virtual magic situations.

As such though, there are very limited quantities available. And, if if "Matrix Art" is any indication, "Matrix Revolution" will sell out quickly.

Available in Red or Blue.

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Customer reviews for Matrix Revolution



This gimmick is awesome. Very well made. I dont leave a lot of reviews but I buy a lot of magic this one is good



This card certainly is a piece of art. It works so well that it is too easy to "overdo" it by just having the holes jump around all the time - I think the effect is stronger if you do LESS than suggested in the instructions. Very well built. Perfect for Zoom/Teams/Webex. Wear a contrasting shirt! (Have the blue one, used with an orange T-Shirt this looks insane on video).


Community questions about Matrix Revolution

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  • Paul asks: Is this the same as or different from his other Trick, "Matrix Art"?

    • 1. Jim answers: This is the new, improved version.
    • 2. Matt answers: The key update is: "Each hole can now move one by one, disappear and then reappear one by one!"
    • 3. Paul answers: That was actually possible with matrix art lol
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  • Andrew asks: Can you show both sides of the card?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Not without a switch.
  • Jarkko asks: Is this easy to do?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Very easy! The card does the work for you.
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