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DVD by Oz Pearlman ($15.16 - normally $19.95)

Possibly discontinued.
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Perfection - magic
Perfection Perfection

Not everything new is great. And this is an old release, but what a TERRIFIC value. The method probably won't fool you as a magician, but for a layperson, this is among the most simple and stunning effects possible with a deck of cards. She shuffles half the cards, and so do you, and EVERY card matches in the two packets. That is EXACTLY what your spectators will remember. It's easy to do, well-explained, and we sometimes like to spotlight great tricks that may have passed under your radar. can't beat the 20 dollar price tage.

You shuffle a regular deck of cards (no gaffs!), and your spectator takes about half. She shuffles her half, and you shuffle yours. You both start to deal cards face-up. She deals a red 5, you deal a red 5. Could this be a coincidence? She deals a black king, you deal a black king... she deals, you deal, and every single one of her cards matches yours, in perfect order. EACH AND EVERY CARD. ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE DECK.

Perfection is one of those rare routines where spectators handle the cards and are in total control. They don't just witness the impossible, they experience it.

In performance, Perfection has a similar feel to Paul Curry's legendary "Out of this World"--the audience gets to make all the decisions, and as each card is dealt the effect becomes more and more unexplainable. The difference with Perfection is that the dealing sequence IS the climax, so you get to the reaction sooner and build from there. Modern audiences are fully engaged and react with spontaneous laughter and applause.

  • Instant reset and instantly repeatable!
  • Tons of audience participation!
  • Learn one of the easiest and most convincing false shuffles in existence! This shuffle is easy to do, very versatile and truly gives the illusion of a deck being shuffled.
  • Uses a regular deck of cards. No gimmicks!

As a SPECIAL BONUS, Oz teaches you how to perform Perfection with ESP cards. The ESP Match Up routine allows you to demonstrate your mind reading abilities. It can be done impromptu--at a moment's notice--by writing ESP symbols on the back of business cards. This is mentalism that can be done anywhere, anytime!

Running Time Approximately 51min


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