Magic by Oz Pearlman

21st Century Phantom DVD
21st Century Phantom
DVD by Oz Pearlman - $29.95

Frankly, more magicians should be using this! It's remarkable, and yet nobody talks about this stunning effect. Not only does it require no table, but it's non-card, leaves the spectator with a souvenir, and displays super-human silhouette-cutting skills! An oldie but a goodie, you can't argue...

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Clutch DVD
DVD by Oz Pearlman - $20.00

“Clutch” is a one-trick DVD. And we’re careful about which one-trick DVDs we represent, because in general we feel there’s more value with multi-trick collections. But occasionally a product comes along that features an item so strong it IS worth the money, and “Clutch” is such an item. With this...

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Perfection DVD
DVD by Oz Pearlman - $19.95

Not everything new is great. And this is an old release, but what a TERRIFIC value. The method probably won't fool you as a magician, but for a layperson, this is among the most simple and stunning effects possible with a deck of cards. She shuffles half the cards, and so do you, and EVERY card...

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Coin Under Watch DVD
Coin Under Watch
DVD by Oz Pearlman - $20.00

Vanish a coin and make it appear under a spectator's watch! This is coin magic that gets explosive reactions. If you want to own your audience's attention, there's no better choice. The video goes in-depth, teaching everything you need to know to perform this killer routine....

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