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Clutch - magic

“Clutch” is a one-trick DVD. And we’re careful about which one-trick DVDs we represent, because in general we feel there’s more value with multi-trick collections. But occasionally a product comes along that features an item so strong it IS worth the money, and “Clutch” is such an item. With this DVD, you are buying the secret to a commercial, show-stopping card trick that you can perform anytime, anywhere, with anyone’s deck.

EFFECT: You have a card selected and returned to a borrowed deck, which you then place in the card box. You place the boxed deck in a spectator’s shirt pocket. You explain what you will do IN ADVANCE: you will stick your fingers inside the spectator’s pocket, open the box, and remove the selection…in les than ONE SECOND. True to form, you reach in the pocket and IMMEDIATELY extract a card…the selection. The best part? The box is still closed, inside the spectator’s pocket.

The secret is simple, easy, and straightforward, but what you get with the DVD is ALL the ins and outs that make this effect practical in real-world situations.

One hint for Vanishing Inc customers. Oz Pearlman pulls the card from the box, reveals that it is the selection, and then calls attention to the fact that the pocketed box is still sealed. We think a better way to reveal the ending is to call attention to the sealed box FIRST, then direct attention back to the best part…that you pulled the right card. Dramatically this makes the most sense, and we hope you’ll try it this way.

In summation, VERY MUCH worth a measly 20 dollars to get a top caliber card trick. 


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Clutch by Oz Pearlman