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Candy Factory - magic

The Performer shows a beautiful, empty cylinder and a glass full of colored sugar or Liquid. The Performer then passes the glass through the empty cylinder. Like Magic, the glass comes out filled with candy! The candy can then be passed out for the audience to enjoy!Perfect for Child performers! This magic Trick is VERY easy to perform!


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For such an inexpensive price, this is a top notch trick. I don't mean to say the magic effect is some super tricky method, but rather, it's simplicity and wow effect is great for what you are paying for. Kids are always amazed at this trick and even some adults. It's easy to have a magician's mind when looking at a trick like this and think "Oh, it's so easy to figure out," but most people don't have a magician's mind and even a simple trick like this has a "wow" factor. Works best on kids.


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  • David asks: At the end of the trick when you lift the tube away from the glass is the candy filled up to the brim of the glass (with extra candies overflowing down onto the table top) as shown in the photograph ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately not, the photograph is an exaggeration but the glass can get quite full.
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