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Deceased  - magic

The Deceased is a up-to-date 'Living and Dead' test from the creative mind of Jamie Daws.

A story is told of a dinner held in 1908 attended by ten guests. At 8pm they sat down to dine. By 10pm, eight of the guests were dead - killed by the other two.

As you recount the horrific details of the murders, you hand your spectator a black envelope for safe keeping.
You then show ten old looking photographs of both the killers and the unfortunate victims. The killers and the victims are mixed together, and you explain that it is down to your spectator to separate the killers from the victims - the living from the dead.

You hand five of the photographs to your spectator and keep five for yourself. Behind your backs, you instruct your spectator to slide one photo from the top to the bottom until they 'get a feeling', at which point they are instructed to remove the photograph from the stack, still behind their backs. You do the same, and then you both swap your remaining four cards with each other and place your selections the opposite way round in the other's pile. The two piles of five photos are brought forward and set down, eight are face up, two are face down.

The black envelope is brought forward, which has been in the possession of the spectator the entire time. The spectator opens it to find two photographs within - a man and a woman. The two photographs are of the two killers on that fateful night. Upon turning over the two reversed photographs in the stacks, you and your spectator have matched the two killers.

As a killer ending (pun intended), the two prediction photographs from the envelope are turned over to reveal the word 'Killer' on their reverse. All of the other cards are turned over to reveal 'Dead' written on their backs - all except your two selected photographs, which are blank. Everything can be examined and you are instantly reset.

The Deceased comes with a professionally produced full instructional DVD, the old looking photographs (printed on thick card stock) and the black envelope. All you need to do is write on the back of the photographs whatever you want (such as 'Killer' or 'Dead').

Your audience will be 'dying' to know how it's done!


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Deceased by Jamie Daws