Magic by Jamie Daws

At The Table - November 2017 Live lecture
At The Table - November 2017
Live lecture by Jamie Daws and Steve Rowe - $9.95

Leading off this month is Steve Rowe, a newcomer to the magic scene, but one who has made his impact felt! He's known for his practical effects that have been molded and refined until they are perfection - every move, every beat, and every word has been thoroughly thought out. This...

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Jamie Daws Live Lecture Live lecture
Jamie Daws Live Lecture
Live lecture by Jamie Daws - $7.95
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Jamie Daws doesn't just give his audience effects, but instead gives them spine-tingling experiences. Known for effects like Deviate, The Deceased, and Scream, Jamie blurs the worlds of magic and the supernatural seamlessly together while building mystery, tension, and suspense with every line of...

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Deceased  DVD
DVD by Jamie Daws - $26.15

The Deceased is a up-to-date 'Living and Dead' test from the creative mind of Jamie Daws. A story is told of a dinner held in 1908 attended by ten guests. At 8pm they sat down to dine. By 10pm, eight of the guests were dead - killed by the other two. As you recount the...

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He's Not Here Trick
He's Not Here
Trick by Jamie Daws - $32.25

Not many effects take a trick and elevate it into an experience, and a creepy one no less, but He's Not Here is woven of dark but beautiful threads to provide a haunting tapestry for your spectators. A chilling tale is told of a family portrait that inexplicably wound up torn to...

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Phantasm Trick
Trick by Jamie Daws - $24.00

A NEW PIECE OF VISUAL CLOSE-UP & AN IMPOSSIBLE SOUVENIR Phantasm is a new variant of Roy Walton's classic Card Warp. It looks impossible as the card seems to instantly turn from face down up to face up in some pretty interesting ways. The good news is that this handling allows you...

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