Jamie Daws Live Lecture DVD

DVD by Jamie Daws
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Jamie Daws Live Lecture DVD

9.95 usd

DVD by Jamie Daws ($5.00 - normally $9.95)

In stock.
Jamie Daws Live Lecture DVD - magic

Jamie Daws doesn't just give his audience effects, but instead gives them spine-tingling experiences. Known for effects like Deviate, The Deceased, and Scream, Jamie blurs the worlds of magic and the supernatural seamlessly together while building mystery, tension, and suspense with every line of patter.

As well as creating his noteworthy paranormal effects, you may have seen Jamie performing on Penn and Teller: Fool Us. And now Jamie comes to At The Table with a packed lecture to give us a peek behind the curtain into his creative process and journey!

Effects included will be:

Scared: Jamie's awesome and impromptu Haunted Deck effect! An eerie experience you won't want to miss!

Coloring: An incredible color changing routine where the back of a selection changes color several times before the deck suddenly becomes completely blank, front and back, except for the selection. Even better, the deck can then be handed out with nothing taken away or swapped!

Solomon's Secret: An effect with two selections that end up in the wrong places but magically correct themselves. All powerful. All impromptu!

Deviate: Jamie's devious new method for having a card change, isolated in the box! It looks visual and completely impossible!

Spinning Wheel Change: An incredibly visual card change that looks like pure magic!

Simple Control + Simple Mix: Some brilliant controls that are both practical and sneaky! Then he'll show you how to apply these moves into a fantastic Triumph and ACAAN (Any Card At Any Number)!

Ping: An elastic band penetrates a water bottle with no cover!

Hole Business: An awesome effect utilizing a cartoon black hole and your business cards that's so visual it looks gimmicked, but in fact only uses a pen and a stack of your business cards!

Puppeteer: An effect which proves, without a doubt, that your spectator has been influenced to make any decision you want!

X-Change: A line of coins are set up in your hand. An X is drawn on one of the coins, and the mark moves up and down the stack of coins at will!

Seer: A dynamic piece of mentalism where you take your spectator on an exploration of how shops influence spectators to make certain decisions. You tell them what they would have bought and prove influence is at work!

The Burial: An eerie photo of a woman changes to match the script of a spooky story!

Scream: A true horror story that will leave your spectators screaming and laughing. This is something you'll love performing!

The Deceased: The first in Jamie's incredible Dark Series. It's an incredible story with 10 photos. Your spectator makes all the choices, and yet, they still find the killers!


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Jamie is a very clever creator and have watched lectures of his in the past and they are always well worth the money so I would recommend that you buy this lecture this is no different. Jamie teaches some of his classic effects like scared and the deceased and he also teaches the simple control that can be used in other card effects a very good lecture.