Magic download (video) by Jamie Daws and The 1914
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Magic download (video) by Jamie Daws and The 1914 (25.00)

Steal - magic
Steal Steal Steal

A magnificently simple and direct way to gain secret information. “Steal” by Jamie Daws is the next-generation window envelope.

“Steal” is a uniquely-designed, powerful principle that enables you to secretly obtain written information that is sealed inside an opaque envelope. It’s like having a huge window right into their brain. The craziest part is that you can give them the envelope to examine. They can even keep it if they want.

No strange materials, no glue, no billet switching, and no difficult moves. They write on the billet and you impossibly know their secrets. It’s that direct and unlocks limitless potential.

While some similar peek ideas are overly complex, the beauty of “Steal” is in its simplicity. It’s a tremendously practical dream utility for mentalism workers.

This 1.5 hour download will show you how quick and easy it is to make this ingenious gimmick and teach you everything you need to get the most out of it. This includes three insanely powerful, hard-hitting mentalism routines that utilize the devious “Steal” principle.

"This is a really fun method and a STEAL at this price. Jamie's gimmick will allow you to peek secret info while the spectator is watching like a hawk. It's a smooth method that uses natural movements making it look invisible." Shaun Dunn

Learn Jamie Daws' most impenetrable secret. Download “Steal” today!


Customer reviews for Steal



I'm learning that anything created by or partnered with The 1914 is awesome! In seeking to routine a walkaround/strolling magic set, I have been looking for effects with multiple uses that pack small & play big.

STEAL definitely fits this bill! Using a small stack of coin envelopes, business cards and a marker you will be able to perform some amazing mentalism & mind-reading effects.

The fact that this gives you a reson to get your business card(s) into a spectator's hand and to get them to keep it as a souvenir should earn it a 6th star! ??



The production and teaching is great (as expected of 1914). The gimmick takes seconds to make and you don't need any fancy tools. The best aspect of this envelope peek is that they get to keep their sealed envelope and even sign it. On one part of the routine (subliminal shopping; my fav routine from the download), Jamie uses the Orphic wallet but it is not requried and goes over two alternative methods without the wallet. However, I do think the wallet simplifies the method.

Here are the nuances I've found from playing with the ideas. 1. You need an opaque wallet. Some coin number 4 wallets are semi transparent which defeats the purpose of sealing a billet. 2. On some UK envelopes, I had to further modify the envelope gimmick. 3. The envelopes during the move are staggered but I don't most people really care.

Do I think this is essential? No, I actually think beginner mentalists should first read upon the classics and learn other methods for envelope work. But I can see this being useful for preshow work, and especially during my Q and A routine. I see this as another tool in the toolbox for billet work. Won't replace anything but will definitely add something when needed.



For starters, I love the 1914. Brilliant creative team. This is top notch. This is expertly shot, expertly taught and foolproof. It's DIY but that's just the nature of the beast in mentalism. It's not even difficult to construct and it's not difficult to use. Killer stuff



Very informative video. LOVED the secret, as well as the different approaches suggested.






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So far so good



The Steal envelope is truly a STEAL. Easy to handle, logical and motivated. I haven't used envelopes in my routines for several years because they seemed unnecessary. I will use the steal envelope often and for several different routines. It's that good.



Great video production, twelve seperate videos which all have headers, this is how it should be produced, brilliant.Great teacher, very easy to make, Jamie goes over every detail that you need to no, often repeating the instructions. For reference, I bought my envelopes in my local WH Smiths shop, so If you like Mentalism this is suitable For a beginner right through to a Pro.
Just Brilliant once you no the secret.



Full disclosure: I am an aspiring mentalist and a 1914 fanboy. I own a fair amount of all 1914 products and downloads.

PROS: -As always, the quality of the video is on par with the excellent production work of 1914. Routines are performed and then explained very well.

-EASY PEAK with minor handling. If you screw this up, there is a recovery process, but the spectator won't hold the envelope in the end.

-This is a good start for working with envelopes and learning how to do arts and crafts. Making your envelopes is legitimately the most straightforward arts and crafts project and takes seconds.

-The routines provided make sense and offer multiple starting points for creating your routines.

-Also, the ability to let the spectator have an ungimmicked envelope in their hand with their card is excellent. FULL INSPECTABILITY!

CONS: -There is a slight orientation discrepancy at one part, but no one will catch it. More of a magician's guilt type of thing when you see it.

-This will be difficult if you have VERY flimsy envelopes, and you might have to work with different card sizes (European business card size vs. American business card size) to get your desired feel.

-This is NOT a con, but I continue to question why I would need this if I have other peaks that can be done before the card is placed into the envelope. It's always good to have multiple methods.

Thank you, Jaime and Dee and 1914! Thank you Vanishing for carrying their products!


Community questions about Steal

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  • Andrew asks: Are the envelopes readily available in the United States?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes!, The download explains what envelopes you need & where to purchase them
  • Les asks: Do we need to purchase envelopes or how to make them or both?

    • 1. Jim answers: This is a download. You will need to purchase your own envelopes and prepare them.
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  • Tom asks: Am I just not seeing this correctly? Does he not have one envelope in his hand…the billet goes in and then he reaches in and pulls out another envelope ( presumably with the billet) from the one he hands the spectator to do “the licky-sticky thing”? I don’t mean to be harsh but it was like a second envelope appears out of nowhere. Am I not understanding the flow?

    • 1. Jim answers: It is a small stack of envelopes. This may not read well on the trailer, but the stack looks fine in person.
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  • Edward asks: How difficult are the arts and crafts? How long does it take to prep one envelope?

    • 1. Jim answers: Really easy. Depending on your experience and skills, a *few* seconds.
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  • Jake asks: Are the included routines mainly oriented at stage or close up?

    • 1. Jim answers: Close up. But some can be adapted to stage.
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  • Tim asks: The envelope can be handed back to the spectator to keep, which is good. But will the spectator be able to open that envelope later and see their billet inside? Thanks

    • 1. Jim answers: Yes, he will be able to.
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  • Gilbert asks: I ordered this yesterday and as yet haven't been provided the link to find out how to do this. When can I expect it?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is available in the downloads section of your Account.
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