Pocket Change

Trick by Will Tsai
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Pocket Change

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Trick by Will Tsai ($18.95)

In stock - very few available. Order now — we'll send it first thing Tuesday morning
Pocket Change - magic
Pocket Change Pocket Change Pocket Change

Doing magic with pocket change is a strong, memorable way to make an impression. Often you can borrow the money, and do real magic with it. This is a collection of five strong effects using seemingly normal pocket change. 

Effect Description:
SansMinds presents 5 pocket change miracles that are not only fun to learn, but gets crazy reactions. It's great for sleight-of-hand enthusiasts or anyone who's just getting started in coin magic. Coins are always around you, and every effect here can be done with borrowed pocket change. You'll be prepared to blow people's minds anytime without worrying about carrying fancy props on you. Every effect here is a must have for your coin magic repertoire.


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The trailer doesn't really advertise this well. But what is taught is GOLD in the DVD I wish this was a download because it only runs 14:14. Seems short for 5 sleights but it's still in detail and great and you will learn and remember without a second watch of the video also another good reason for this to be a download.
These are very angle sensitive so great for the camera, except inked the routine where you change the ink on a coin that is virtually 360 degrees and it seems like a complicated set up but it's a 3 second set up. Keep in mind this is all gimickless except inked that one depends on your definition of gimickless the set up isn't anything special just what your using for the set up is.

Pocket Change by Will Tsai