Magic by Will Tsai

Visual Matrix (The Rose Act) Trick
Visual Matrix (The Rose Act)
Trick by Will Tsai - $300.00

There are moments in magic that everyone remembers. Visual Matrix (The Rose Act) on AGT was one of those moments. So elegant. So visual. So…magical. It almost broke the internet when it hit YouTube. Now, it’s had over 300 million views. That’s more than every magic act over the last twelve years of...

Vapr Trick
Trick by Will Tsai - $179.95

Vapr is the excellent smoke device from Will Tsai. For those unfamiliar with a smoke device, what you get is an ingenious gimmick that takes specific cartridges, and then at the press of a button the liquid in the cartridge is turned to vapour, fed down a tube that generally runs down...

Pocket Change Trick
Pocket Change
Trick by Will Tsai - $18.95

Doing magic with pocket change is a strong, memorable way to make an impression. Often you can borrow the money, and do real magic with it. This is a collection of five strong effects using seemingly normal pocket change.  Effect Description: SansMinds presents 5 pocket change miracles...

Alchemist: Blossom DVD
Alchemist: Blossom
DVD by Will Tsai - $189.95

This is one of the best self-bending metal effects we have ever seen. Will Tsai's effects always seem to ask the question, 'what would it look like if I could do this for real?' and when you see the way that this effect allows you to warp metal so beautifully, you'll appreciate why his philosophy...

Vapr Refills Refill
Vapr Refills
Refill by Will Tsai - $19.95

Refills for Vapr. Includes 10 Vapr smoke cartridges (80-100 puffs per cartridge).

Prospect DVD
DVD by Will Tsai - $38.00

Imagine introducing a single playing card from your pocket without showing anyone the face of the card. Have the spectator call out any card through a process of their imagination. When your spectator reveals the card they're thinking of, you turn the card over to show that the prediction hits....

Alchemist: Screw Driver DVD
Alchemist: Screw Driver
DVD by Will Tsai - $129.95

Imagine trying to bend a screwdriver with your hands. It would be near impossible. Even with a hammer and vice it would be incredibly difficult. Now imagine if you could do it with your mind. What would it looks like? The perfect effect for stage, close-up, parlor and tv, metal bending has...

Photoshop DVD
DVD by Will Tsai - $25.00

How many times do you think people have looked at a magazine and thought "I wish I could just pull that out right out?"  Imagine having the ability to go beyond dimension. Being able to pull and put anything you want in and out of the photo. That's a miracle that fulfills the...

Emerge DVD
DVD by Will Tsai - $35.00

From the creator of Imagine and V2F, two of the most talked about effect back in 2010 and 2011, G.'s finally back with yet another killer effect: Emerge. What if you can visually vanish any spectators' own written name and have it reappear underneath their own hands! It's like the...

Beyond Holely Trick
Beyond Holely
Trick by Will Tsai - $25.00

The legendary Holely is back AND BEYOND.This time, you can move a hole with BORROWED objects!What's Beyond Holely?Beyond Holely is an extension from the legendary Holely from the mind of Will Tsai. Finally in English for supporters in North America.Beyond Holely features1. The world's first self...

Infinity Ring Trick
Infinity Ring
Trick by Will Tsai - $80.00

The Infinity Ring has arrived from Will Tsai's Jewelry Magic Series! When a piece of jewelry is specially manufactured in Japan with Swarovski diamonds, you know this is going to be a must-have elegant effect! In the middle of your conversation you are asked to demonstrate something interesting but...

Tsunami Project Trick
Tsunami Project
Trick by Will Tsai - $30.00

A concept that allows you to do four unique effects with a superb twist in the end; COLOR WAVE, TWISTED WAVE, FLUSH WAVE, TSUNAMI TRANSPO. It's a 4 in 1 combo! In this DVD, you will gain access to detailed video instruction  on building special gimmick behind this wonderful concept within 15...

Photoshop - Haunted Key Add On Trick
Photoshop - Haunted Key Add On
Trick by Will Tsai - $9.95

Effect: A photo of an antique lock is displayed; it is then placed between a spectator's hands. An old key is also shown and inspected, and then it is placed openly on the magician's palm. With some moment of silence, the key SLOWLY starts to turn on the magician's open palm as if...

Ultimate CD Prediction DVD Kit DVD
Ultimate CD Prediction DVD Kit
DVD by Will Tsai - $45.00

This is getting RAVE reviews, so we had to see why. And you know what? It's really, really clever. The Ultimate CD Prediction Kit comes with all the parts you need to put together your own Ultimate CD Prediction illusion - a self-working mini portable illusion that allows you to reveal a...

Bound Trick
Trick by Will Tsai - $35.00

The world's first linking rubber band effect that is COMPLETELY done by your spectator at their finger tips. It's a simple, direct, and modern approach to the classic linking rubber band magic. The bands are made with the latest technology down to the smallest detail. Bound, magicians' every...

Photoshop - Chocolate Refill Pack Trick
Photoshop - Chocolate Refill Pack
Trick by Will Tsai - $15.00

This refill package contains a total of 10 photo cards and a flap wallet. The photo card is made in precise thickness with cold-air finish to ensure the smooth working. You'll be able to hand out the photo along with the chocolate every time you produce them for your spectators to keep. Perfect...

Photoshop - Designer Combo Pack Trick
Photoshop - Designer Combo Pack
Trick by Will Tsai - $15.00

This Designer Package consists of 19 photo cards, 8 completely different practical and classic effects pre-made to save your valuable time. They are to be used with Photoshop by Will Tsai. Photo Cards include : 1. Mystery Card Set (Blue & Red)....

Cash In Trick
Cash In
Trick by Will Tsai - $35.00

Imagine you can produce real money in spectator's hands. Your spectator not only sees the money appear, but FEELS the money appear as well. Directly from Will Tsai's working repertoire. Coin from ear has been a classic of magic. Imagine producing a stack of bills in people's hands....

Trace DVD
DVD by Will Tsai - $35.00

Trace is a powerful tool that creates up to two different card impressions on ANYTHING. A modern and eerie revelation that guarantees to great reactions. A must have utility tool straight from Will Tsai's everyday repertoire. Trace ...1. will fit in your wallet2. will create up to two different...

Voucher Trick
Trick by Will Tsai - $35.00

Imagine a sure fire mini mentalism act that fits into your pocket. You can do it close up or even on stage!Effect:Your spectator selects a random page and think of anything. From a number, a shape, to the taste of an item the smell of an item, or even movements. Anything your spectator is thinking...

Holely Complete Trick
Holely Complete
Trick by Will Tsai - $40.00

The legendary Holely is back AND BEYOND. This set cotains BOTH Original Holely AND Beyond Holely disk sets with according props. The release of Holely has taken magic world by storm. Holely is a no brainer when it comes to a Hole Moving effect. It's clean, it's REALLY easy, and it's a KILLER! Now...

Photoshop - Kissed of Fire Add On Trick
Photoshop - Kissed of Fire Add On
Trick by Will Tsai - $9.95

Effect: A normal picture of a doll is displayed; it is then placed between a spectator's hands. After a haunted story has been told, the spectator opens their hands to discover the picture burnt, and the doll is also effected by the eerie curse, burnt in the photo. The photo is then given to...

Bill x Bill DVD
Bill x Bill
DVD by Will Tsai - $25.00

Bill x Bill and Signature Transpo - From penetrating borrowed signed bills to moving spectator signatures at will. A Two-In-One DVD that will take your magic to the next level. Imagine...being able to penetrate two BORROWED and SIGNED bills! This is cool...but what if you can also...

Chocolate Coin Trick
Chocolate Coin
Trick by Will Tsai - $30.00

Chocolate Coin is a cute and fun twist to the popular coin bite effect.You can turn any borrowed coin into chocolate coin, bite it and visually restore it. It will get you crazy reaction. Everyone loves it and we know you will too. Full gimmick set included, gimmick made in US Quarter size. Any...

Prestige Edition Visual Matrix (Rose Act) Trick
Prestige Edition Visual Matrix (Rose Act)
Trick by Will Tsai and SansMinds - $499.00

One of the most visually stunning acts ever created is back in stock! And, this time, its also available in an exclusive Prestige Edition. After Will Tsai premiered it on America's Got Talent in 2017, The Visual Matrix (also known as The Rose Act) became a viral sensation. It was shared and...

Sanitized Trick
Trick by Will Tsai - $35.00

For the first time, a multi-phase mentalism routine that fits in your pocket but NOT another packet effect! A fresh taste in pocket mentalism. This multi-phase mentalism routine is built in an extremely disarming everyday object - Pocket Hand Sanitizer, and it keeps your hands clean, too! Superb...