$179.95 Possibly discontinued.
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179.95 usd

Trick by Will Tsai ($179.95)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
Vapr - magic
Vapr Vapr Vapr Vapr

Vapr is the excellent smoke device from Will Tsai.

For those unfamiliar with a smoke device, what you get is an ingenious gimmick that takes specific cartridges, and then at the press of a button the liquid in the cartridge is turned to vapour, fed down a tube that generally runs down your arm to your wrist and out to produce a magical appearance of ethereal clouds of mystical smoke.

The design and manufacture of Vapr is top of the range, a precision engineered device and every details has been thought out at length. From customisation to suit your specific body measurements, to the easy-to-use remote control, and even the micro USB charging sockets. Vapr is the ultimate in portability, functionality and accessibility.

What's more, the remote control that comes with Vapr can activate the device from up to 50 feet away, meaning you do not even need to have the device rigged up to you, and can create smoke appear from across the room. Vapr is the first smoke unit to offer both from-the-body AND remote smoke in one device at this price point.

One of the features that make Vapr stand out is the fact that the small amount of noise that is generated as Vapr is in use comes from the device concealed on your body - NOT the unit at your wrist. In certain other models where this is not the case, the noise can be heard coming from the wrist and can arouse suspicion. Vapr takes away that worry and even in a very quiet room you would hear only very little noise, if any.

You see the clouds in the sky? I made that with Vapr!Cyril Takayama

  • Remote control can trigger the device from up to 50 feet away!
  • Ultra compact - half the size of other smoke units
  • Use repeatedly without having to wait
  • Produce smoke continuously for up to 1 minute
  • Built-in battery - no external battery pack
  • Recharges via USB
  • Amazingly easy and very safe to use

What You Get

  • The Vapr smoke system (Switch/pump, tube, & heater coil)
  • Rechargeable remote switch
  • 10 Vapr smoke cartridges (80-100 puffs per cartridge)
  • Super soft arm strap
  • Super soft wrist strap
  • Dual USB charging cable
  • USB to 110 AC Power adapter
  • Includes DVD with 3 original magic tricks created only for Vapr along with maintenance, product care, tips and best uses


3 refill packs (1 refill pack contains 10 cartridges)

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    Customer reviews for Vapr



    Vapr is the real deal! I hesitated in writing this review because Will Tsai's new release is THAT GOOD. I received mine last week and have already performed several shows and the smoke is GORGEOUS. Thick, languid smoke that lingers on the skin or in a wine glass. The kicker for me was that by keeping the switch depressed (either on the body or using the remote), the smoke keeps pumping out in a steady stream. You can completely fill a large glass in less than 10 seconds. The overall design of the unit is beautiful, the pump is much quieter than the competition (I tucked mine into a cellulose kitchen sponge to dampen it further and it's virtually silent) and there is no lag time between uses. Finally, a smoke device that works perfectly and that I will use all the time. Highly recommended.



    Boy, this one is out of the ballpark! A fantastic device. Rechargable, yet holds a charge for a long----long-----long time!

    The actual amount of smoke you get is amazing. I had one of the previous "smoke" gimmicks, and after about 10 firings, an anemic trickle was all you would get. Not with this baby. Thick, "sticky" smoke. Just perfect.

    I use this for parlor and stage more than closeup, and the amount of smoke is perfectly visible.

    Perhaps the most important thing though is that the tubing does NOT contain any wiring. My previous gimmick did, and so I was afraid to wear it during long drives from gig to gig. This beast? No problem.

    There is no downside to this device that I can see.



    best smoke device i saw it