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Finger Bird - magic

This beloved classic close up magic effect is finally back in production after many years.

"Finger Bird" is a Chazpro Magic classic.It is a fun and baffling little effect that all audiences adore. As the magician, you have the power to make the bird sit on your finger or a pencil. Yet, if the spectators try, it will fall.

You can even "hypnotize" the bird to react to a certain command. For example, it's laying on it's side. And then, as you deal through the cards, when you get to the spectator's selected card -- it stands up straight.

The tiny cute bird is about 1 inch long. So it fits easily into any pocket.

Comes with the special bird, PDF instructions and an extra secret prop.

Manufacturer's Note: All of the "Finger Birds" are extremely high quality. However, the coloring may differ slightly from the photo. The rights to manufacturer this product were purchased by themagicstore. Please be advised that no video instructions are available. The instructions are written only.


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  • Todd asks: What is the bird made of? Feathers? Plastic?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Plastic
  • Sidney asks: How difficult is this to do?

    • 1. Jim answers: Easy to medium. But your experience may differ, as this is purely subjective. It depends on your skill level and your amount of experience as a performer. If you study the routine and practice with it, it will be within your difficulty level. If you don't study and don't practice, then it will be outside of your difficulty level.
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Finger Bird by Santa Magic