Where Can I Learn To Do Magic Tricks With Playing Cards

Playing cards, such as Bicycle Playing Cards, are universally recognized, inexpensive and available nearly anywhere. You probably have a deck of cards in your house right now that you use for your favorite card games or poker night. But, did you also know that there are a variety of easy card tricks that you could learn right now to amaze friends and family with?

magician cuts a deck of cards in their hands with a cardistry flourish

You don’t need to visit a magic store or a magic convention and purchase expensive magic props. In fact, there’s many ways for you to learn easy card tricks for adults and kids for free.

So, if you’ve ever found yourself watching Michael Carbonaro, Justin Willman or David Blaine on TV and wondering “Where can I learn to do magic tricks with playing cards?”, we’re here to help. Here is the ultimate guide for learning how to do magic tricks with playing cards.

Learn Card Tricks for Free

What if we told you the best way to start learning card tricks doesn’t require a credit card or even an internet connection?

In section 793.8 of your library, you can often find many of the best magic books every magician should read. Look for beginner magic books like Joshua Jay’s MAGIC: The Complete Course, Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic, Magic for Dummies or The Idiot’s Guide to Street Magic.

In addition to amazing card tricks, beginner magic books offer a lifetime of easy magic tricks for kids and adults from basic sleight of hand to coin tricks, mind reading, rope magic, spoon bending, stage illusions and even virtual magic tricks for Zoom.

Dani DaOrtiz performs a card trick at a magic convention

Where Do Magicians Learn Their Card Magic Tricks?

Once you’re done at the library, head on over to Google and search “magic trick store near me”. If you’re lucky enough to live near a brick and mortar magic shop, these are a great place to meet fellow magicians that can help you choose the best recommended magic books for beginners. They can also suggest the best beginner card tricks to start learning, the best playing cards for magic tricks, or even the best trick decks for beginners like the Svengali Deck and Invisible Deck.

You can also buy magic tricks online from online magic shops like Vanishing Inc Magic. In addition to magic books, we offer great magic DVDs and instant magic downloads that allow you to learn card magic from the comfort of your home on your computer, tablet or phone. If you need any help, the Vanishing Inc. Support Wizards are always available to assist you or provide recommendations, just like the magicians hanging out at a physical magic shop.

Card Magic Trick Tutorials on YouTube

Magician Shin Lim performs his dream act on america's got talent

Major moments like magician Shin Lim winning America’s Got Talent have made magic more popular than ever. This has led many of those interested in learning magic to venture to YouTube. If you can learn how to play guitar or invest in cryptocurrency on YouTube, then why can’t you learn magic tricks too?

For the most part, the only magic tricks available on YouTube are classic magic tricks that can be found in any beginner magic book or magic download. A YouTuber will simply repurpose this content in an attempt to grow their channel. Unfortunately, this leads to many content creators teaching magic tricks or sleight of hand moves that they have not yet mastered themselves.

Don’t get us wrong, there are some amazing YouTube channels for learning magic tricks like 52kards and Brian Brushwood’s Scam Nation. However, for the most part, most YouTube tutorials are poorly taught and could potentially cause you to form bad habits that may hinder your growth as you progress.

Learning directly from professional magicians that have spent years mastering their craft is the best way to create a solid foundation of card magic. One of the easiest ways to do this is to visit the library or get an affordable magic book or magic download from a reputable magic dealer like Vanishing Inc.

Learn 10 Easy Card Tricks for Free

magician ryan plunkett performs a card trick Vanishing Inc. is committed to helping beginner magicians learn magic tricks. So, we teamed up with world-renowned Professional Magician R. Paul Wilson to create a FREE card magic lesson video that you can download right now.

This 80-minute video allows you to learn card magic from a professional magician. It teaches you the secrets behind card tricks and other important card sleights that every beginner should know.

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