Indexpress 2.0

DVD & props by Vernet Magic and Michel
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Indexpress 2.0

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DVD & props by Vernet Magic and Michel (49.00)

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Indexpress 2.0 - magic
Indexpress 2.0 Indexpress 2.0 Indexpress 2.0 Indexpress 2.0

The perfect billet index is here. Imagine if you could find any billet, secretly, in one second. With "Indexpress 2.0" by Vernet Magic, you can. Featuring the best parts of it's predecessor and new upgrades, this is a must-have accessory any mentalist or magician.

Each "Indexpress 2.0" comes with complete instructions including a full explanation of Michel's one-of-a-kind, professional "Invisible Deck"-style routine using "Indexpress 2.0".

One spectator freely thinks of one playing card from an "imaginary deck". The mentalist mentions that something strange has happened to them before the show. They sat at a bar to have some coffee, opened a sugar packet and at the moment of pouring it, the white of the sugar and the black of the coffee made an image of a playing card.

The mentalist takes an empty sugar packet from their pocket and says: "Nobody saw me, I opened the sugar packet and I wrote what I saw". The empty packet is folded and placed into a wine glass held by another spectator. The spectator who has thought a card is asked to say it out loud, the packet is clearly taken from the glass and shown to have the the thought of card written in bold. A true stunner.

You receive two indexes capable of 26 billets each, PDF instructions and video download (with live performance, instructions and history).

"Indexpress 2.0" Details

  • Specially designed to be the perfect billet index for mentalism
  • Made with durable new material
  • Designed to last a lifetime
  • Ultra-thin
  • Precision-crafted

Customer reviews for Indexpress 2.0



I love these. You get two indexes for what some would pay for a single index. Each one can hold 26 billets. They are well made, the construction is all top notch and the material is great. They will never wear out. You could pass these down for future generations and the'd barely be scuffed in fifty years. I could probably run one of these over with my car and still be able to gig with it. The only downside, not even worth removing a star for me, is the tutorial quality. There's a bit of a language barrier and the sound quality is poor. It looks like it was shot with an old camcorder. Not a problem for me but some might have difficulty following along.


Professional Review Indexpress 2.0

Community questions about Indexpress 2.0

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  • Jim asks: Will this fit into a wallet?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It'll be a little too bulky for a wallet.
  • Tom asks: I notice in the trailer that he's using what appears to be post-it notes (or equivalent) and in the description it's mentioned that a sugar packet is used to write a premonition on. These are thin papers versus a standard business card thickness type of billet. Does this index have this limitation (i.e. that it's best to use thin paper with this utility versus anything thicker)?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can use anything that is as thick as a normal playing card or thinner. Post it notes are really good because they are thin.
  • Rich asks: how practical is this for holding folded playing cards? could you have 26 different cards in each of the two indexes?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You'll probably want to use non-folded cards because this index would get very bulky.
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