Pro Close-up Table

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Pro Close-up Table

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Pro Close-up Table - magic

Every close-up magician lusts after the perfect close-up case for his or her needs. Folks, we believe we have found the absolute PERFECT case. It's called the Pro Busker's Case, but don't let the name fool you. This is custom made for close-up and parlor magicians.

So what would a perfect case look like? For us this means a case that holds both a close-up and parlor show. It fits in a carry-on suitcase and comes with an additional stand and tripod so you can fill out any stage. The inside is completely customizable with easy-to-use pick-and-pluck pre-cut foam. We opened ours from the box and within thirty minutes had completely customized every compartment to fit our needs. Best of all, it will last a lifetime. Happie Amp Magic has partnered with Vanishing Inc on an exclusive for this incredible case so we are, at the moment, the only dealers that have them. It passes our rigorous standards for high-quality and we're delighted with the affordable price. It could easily be twice this price and well worth it.

Josh and Andi are now using this case in their professional work, which is our very highest endorsement of anything. Check out Josh's quick and thorough video tour of how he customized his case, above.Cushioned black velvet top for a professional performance area
  • Built in dial locks to keep prying eyes out 
  • Black ionized aluminum frame for durability and professional look 
  • Black sides and bottom provide non-scratch, non-dent long lasting surface 
  • Customizable pick and pluck foam inside to make your own pockets 
  • Custom sized pockets in the lid for cards, coins, pens, markers, wands, TT, silks and more 
  •  Magnetic feet attach to the metal table to prevent tipping over 
  • Rubber feet on the bottom to protect the case when you set it down 
  • Solid and thick metal table top 
  • Elegant black velvet table cover 
  • Elastic straps hidden under the table hold the case and stand for transport WITH ONE HAND 
  • Breaks down in seconds 

Case dimensions:
OUTER: 18" across, 13" front to back, 4" or 5" depth options
INNER: 17.5" across, 12.25" front to back, lid is always 1.5" deep, base is 2.5 or 3.5 depending on if you select 4" or 5" depth options.


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Customer reviews for Pro Close-up Table



I love my Pro Close Up Case! I've used it at every gig since I got it! I love that I can fit my close up show, parlor show, and even some of my stage show inside!

Even better is that not only is it a great table for your case but it's a great side table without the case as well. Looks good on stage!

I'm really happy with my purchase!



I'm pretty confused about the above review!

I love my case! Sure you could make your own but the guys at Happie Amp had to develop, source, and build these cases. That takes time and hard work.

I'm very happy with mine! I use it everyday!



Bought it, love it, use it, enough said.



Wow! I was so happy with what I saw when I opened my box! This case is TOP NOTCH!

I can't wait to start putting all of my stuff in it, it's going to be hard told decide what goes in!

I really like that I can pluck out the foam and make my own sizes sections for what ever I want! The tripod is very very very nice and the magnets on the case is a great idea!

Great work!



The fact that I can fit my close up and an hour show in this case and everything packs flat and can be a carry on, on a flight is amazing! I love it!



I just got this today and I'm so happy with it! I was surprised with how nice it was! Very well thought out!



Really fantastic! It's so nice! I love it!



This is the best value I've ever bought! Wonderfully made!



Exactly what I expected. Josh tells you everything you need to know about it. It's perfect for what we do. Furthermore, the case is made well enough that it will last. If you are concerned about the upper level holders ripping, then wait until they rip and take the case to your nearest leather worker and have him put in leather pockets. Every serious magician has a leather guy and either a tailor or seamstress on speed dial. But is will be a while before anything rips or breaks on this case. It is well made.



I find serious problems with the "I can make it" mentality. Certainly one could make a case like this and even a tripod. The question is, what is an idea worth. We live in a magic world in which ideas are taken as if they are worthless. The more that this happens in magic the harder it will be for creative people to make a living putting out their ideas.
I bought this and believe it was well worth the price. Could I have made one? Maybe (I'm not a builder) but even so, the time, money, and ideas that come with the case are worth money. Don't xerox books or notes, don't make up your own "version" of someone else's trick. Support creative people and ideas. It makes all of our lives better.



First off I would like to say that I was one of the original Kickstarter backers for this item and I got this item from Brian Happie Himself not Vanishing inc. Having said that.
Pros: Velvet top is great for spreading, Pick and pluck foam has potential. Overall concept is amazing, fit a show in one case. You look more professional, and once again if you can travel light- you will thank yourself because you can perform more often.
The tripod is also very good quality. It is the SHOWTIME magic tripod for anyone interested. I believe Brian Happie also supplies a carrying bag for the tripod.
Many people have said before that what you're paying for with Happie's products is the customer service. And having contacted Brian I can say without a doubt his customer service is indeed amazing. He really wants you to enjoy his products and is ALWAYS willing to help you with his products, and he always responds immanently.

The Side Table- This one is a great idea! as Joshua shows in the video you can use the table base as a side table.

Cons: 1-Price.
The biggest problem with this is the price tag. the case is just that, an aluminum case, very similar to a tool-case which can be found at home depot. That home depot case costs only $20-$40. With some light research, you can find instructions on how to attach a base/tripod

Quality - This has been noted before, but the inside top section (where cards and sharpies go) seems to be made out of a cheap vinyl, it will tear, the only question is when. The deck holders on the top half are very difficult to work with as they are so close to the lid of the case you have to sort of bend outward to get your cards out.

Foam- It's not as easy as it looks. Once you pluck the foam, its gone, meaning if you don't arrange the case the way you like the first time, you're screwed, unless you buy more foam (about $40 when shipping is included)


The product is what it is. Every magician needs a place to carry his or her props, a way to do it efficiently, and a way to look professional. + the case doubles as a performing surface This case looks great, and can store your entire show. If you like what you see and you aren't keen on making your own table, then this is the best one on the market.
However if you don't mind a bit of elbow grease, research, and time, Then I would encourage you to come up with your own solution. A leather attache case attached to a tripod is cheaper, still looks elegant, and the surface is good to perform on.

TL:DR :: concept is great, price is a bit too high, Customer Service is Great. Build one yourself if you can!