VI Facemask

When the pandemic hit, the production team at Vanishing Inc. set their minds to solving an evolving problem: what happens when you're out and about and you forget your mask? As a team of magicians and engineers whose job it is to hide things in plain sight, we hit on the perfect idea and developed an inexpensive and stylish facemask that hangs from your keys and is always available when you need it.

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VI Facemask

The story

Person sneezing

Throughout history, magicians have applied their techniques to help solve real-world problems. And in 2020 we found ourselves looking for the perfect solution for an interesting problem: how do you ensure that you're never stuck without a face mask? Our solution, like all the best solutions, was both simple and effective.

The VI Facemask folds into a small pouch that hangs on your keyfob. Yet, when unfolded, acts just like any other fabric facemask. Use it as your everyday carry, or keep it for an emergency, and never be caught in that embarrasing situation of forgetting to mask up in places that are either unsafe or illegal to not be masked.

We originally designed them for our friends and family, but the response has been so positive that we have produced another batch for those who want to join the gang.

Design specification

VI Facemask mockup

Breathable material • Adjustable earstraps
High-quality fabric • Washable

Mask on a keychain
Mask wearer
Every day mask

Purchasing options

1 for $12.00 or a family pack of four for $25.00

These masks are not surgical grade nor do they replace medical grade Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), but if you cough or sneeze, this mask reduces possible transference of viruses. It does not totally eliminate the risk of contracting any disease or infection. We urge you to please exercise safe hygiene practices and social distancing as well as refrain from touching your face.


Customer reviews for VI Facemask



Who hasn't gotten to the door of the grocery store to realize you forgot your mask? They keychain ring makes for high convience factor. Easily refolded these are my favorite masks.



I was excited to see that the ear straps were adjustable, but it doesn't really matter since these masks are just too small. There is no wire in the nose bridge to form a tighter fit. The bottom of the mask doesn't even cover my chin. These masks are not adequate. I'm 6ft. 1 inch, 220 lbs. If you are a larger guy this won't work.


Community questions about VI Facemask

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  • Herman asks: Does it have a pocket for a removable filter?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This design does not have the slots for a filter. However, it does have a two layers throughout.
  • Michael asks: Are the masks washable and reusable?

    • 1. Michael answers: Never mind. I just discovered the word "Washable" in the ad copy. My bad.
    • 2. Michael answers: Never mind. I just discovered the word "Washable" in the ad copy. My bad.
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  • Steve asks: Is this single ply, or multi ply?

    • 1. Jim answers: Single. That said, the fabric is reasonably thick.
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