Close-Up Illusions

Book by Gary Ouellet
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Close-Up Illusions

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Book by Gary Ouellet ($45.00)

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Close-Up Illusions - magic

This far-reaching and influential work contains many magical masterpieces including Gary's Touch Force, his Paradise Counts, his remarkable work on the Kosky change, some unbelievable coin concepts, as well as many essays on the real work.

No one who loves close-up magic should be without this classic book, now in its third printing. Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of photos, this book raised the bar on what a good magic book should be.

From easy-to-master gems to more advanced sleights and routines, Close Up Illusions was quietly introduced in the early 80's and went on to become a cherished collector's reference work. Now Gary Ouellet's genius is once again available to the magic fraternity.

More importantly, it explains the philosophy behind close-up magic, from the man who was selected as one of the century's 100 most influential magicians by MAGIC Magazine.

From the acclaimed author of the Masters of Magic series, consultant for David Copperfield, and the star of over two dozen videos, comes a remarkable collection of innovative, theatrical close-up magic, taught in the clear and entertaining manner for which Gary Ouellet has become so well known! Close-Up Illusions is a classic, vast in its scope, incisive in its advice, exciting in its concepts, fabulous in its magic. Some of the new concepts include:

Flash Deck - An instant, bare-handed production of a full deck of cards!

The Gossamer Dissolve - A beautiful four coin vanish, and Gary's heretofore unpublished finale to "The Silver Passage"!

Dream Glass - A stunning impromptu glass suspension.

Maneater - A direct, commercial, and astounding version of The Cannibal Cards!

The Push-Pinch Sponge Ball Vanish - You must see it to believe it!

The Touch Force - This caused a sensation when it was first released in Genii Magazine!

The Silverdust Routine - A dazzling one-coin routine featuring the eye-popping Toss Change!

Netherworld -  An impromptu, no-sleight version of Out of this World that Gary has been sitting on for 20 years!

And much, much, much more!

The close-up magic book of the year, maybe several years!MUM Magazine, 2000
This book is incredible... the best you have ever done!Peter Reveen
Buy it!Harry Lorayne

Hardbound, 350 pages, with over 470 photographs and a full-color dustjacket


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  • Dan asks: Does this book still come with a companion CD or DVD?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It does not. This is the book only.
    • 2. Mark answers: I bought the book from Camirand Academy when it first came out. There was a companion VHS tape--it didn't show how to do the moves/tricks, but rather showed how they would look when performed correctly. Mylovelyassistant shows that Magic Warehouse has it, but they don't. A lot of dealers carry Camirand products--maybe you could find one that way. The book alone is well worth the price...there's a ton of great stuff in it.
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I had the honor to meet Gary Ouellet back in the 70s when he was studying with The Professor (Vernon). It was actually Dai Vernon who introduced me to Gary. He was a humble man and graciously took time to share some great tips with me, including teaching me one of the most beautiful and deceptive coin vanishes I have ever seen.

Close-up Illusions is worth ever cent as it contains a wealth if information. You will,whether amateur or seasoned pro, find gold nuggets scattered all throughout this book. Gary was a modern master of the art of magic and his legacy will live on with this amazing book. His words and his magic had a powerful impact on my magic career and I will always be grateful to him for his generosity, his genius, and his humility. If you are not familiar with Gary and his magic get this book. I rank this as one of my top ten favorite magic books and my collection is extensive. Maybe I'm a little prejudiced because of my personal dealings with Gary, but I use as many of Gary's techniques as I do Vernon, Slydini, Jennings, Kaps, etc. I personally think this may be one of the most underrated books on the market. Do yourself a favor and get it before it goes out of print.



I originally purchased this book back in the 90's when it first came out from The Camirand Academy of Magic which was publishing some very interesting and cutting edge books and producing excellent videos, some of which I still have.
I spent a lot of time with this book back in the day and I am glad to be reintroduced to it 28 years later. It is a treasure chest of close up magic.
Not only does it include a large number of excellent effects, but it also reflects Gary's passion for close up magic and his attention to every aspect of performing it. He spends time on the aspects of " Close Up Theatre " including stance, music, suspense, scripting and a number of other very important considerations on how to put together a compelling performance. He covers numerous practical sleights, forces, magic premises, variations on themes and techniques for tricks that, even if you would not typically use them, his instructions are useful and thought provoking. The Many illustrations are very helpful to your understanding of the points he is making.
At the price this book is being offered, it is a steal. You will read it and you will benefit from it.
Try it , You will like it.



An amazing book. When you start talking about Erdnase, Hugard, Braue, I think it's easy to overlook Ouellet. This should be mentioned as an absolute must-have for performers serious about all aspects of close-up magic, and I mean all aspects. Sponge balls (and not the normal cheesy stuff), Check. Dice, check. Of course the card and coin stuff is absolutely stellar! The essays will expand the way you think about magic as well. This is a must-have.