Magic by Gary Ouellet

Close-Up Illusions Book
Close-Up Illusions
Book by Gary Ouellet - $45.00

This far-reaching and influential work contains many magical masterpieces including Gary's Touch Force, his Paradise Counts, his remarkable work on the Kosky change, some unbelievable coin concepts, as well as many essays on the real work. No one who loves close-up magic should be...

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Supershells Book
Book by Gary Ouellet - $12.00

Called by one critic "The best-kept secret in magic," SUPERSHELLS details what is undoubtedly the finest presentation for the three-shell game ever published. What makes it stand out from the crowd is the killer challenge ending! The effect is as follows: The magician hides a pea under...

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Finger on the Card  Book
Finger on the Card
Book by Gary Ouellet - $9.00

Already a classic and in its third printing, this is the trick that started it all! The effect, essentially, is a two card transposition, but carefully framed in the theatrical manner for which Gary Ouellet has become so well known! The result is a very powerful routine that has made it's way into...

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The Silver Passage Book
The Silver Passage
Book by Gary Ouellet - $12.00

A breathtaking coins-through-table effect! Four (and only four) ungimmicked coins pass through a mirror in a beautiful, elegant, and astonishing manner! The final coin penetrates by way of The Hirata Master Move, one of the most shocking coin-through-table concepts ever invented. You take a coin,...

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The Vault - Two Incredible Forces Magic download (video)
The Vault - Two Incredible Forces
Magic download (video) by Joshua Jay and Gary Ouellet - $9.95

Possibly the best two card forces in the world! This download will teach two simple and sure-fire card forces that you can add to your ninja skill set today. Fiedler's Flyer by Lubor Fiedler This has been one of magic's best kept underground secrets for years. It is a...

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The Pass Book
The Pass
Book by Gary Ouellet - $29.95

Finally, a practical and discerning handbook for all lovers of card magic wishing to read about, learn and master the pass, the most legendary of card sleights. Gary Ouellet has analyzed the pass in all its forms and brings you the result of years of study: which passes to learn, why some are...

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Threshold Book
Book by Gary Ouellet - $12.50

A breakthrough in the torn-and-restored signed card! A card is selected, signed by both spectator and magician, and the spectator himself tears off a corner. The card is then torn into pieces, face before the audience, with absolutely no double card handling. Suddenly, the signed card is restored...

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Homing Ring Accessory
Homing Ring
Accessory by Gary Ouellet - $9.00

This routine elevates the ring-on-rope premise to the level of grand illusion! The result of years of regular use and refinement, it continues to be one of the hits of Gary Ouellet's professional close-up act! A finger ring repeatedly frees itself from a length of rope, continually...

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