Camirand Academy's Masters of Magic Series

Book by Meir Yedid and Gary Ouellet
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Camirand Academy's Masters of Magic Series

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Book by Meir Yedid and Gary Ouellet (55.00)

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Nearly a decades worth of iconic material in one gorgeous book. This is your chance to learn some of the all-time classics of magic that were originally printed in Camriand Academy's Masters of Magic.

The Masters of Magic series ran from 1979-1986 and featured some of the best close up magic tricks ever created. It was presented by Camirand Academy of Magic as a way of learning some of the most influential versions of classics like Ring on String, the Three Shell Game, Coins Through The Table, Torn & Restored Card, and tons of other original pieces of card magic, coin magic and sleight of hand.

Detailed writing by Gary Ouellet accompanied by a massive number of photographs by Guy Camirand made these booklets a joy to learn from. Every important detail from the method to the patter and the timing was covered. This series was like a special course for magicians looking to advance their skills. Now, thanks to Meir Yedid, you can enjoy every booklet again in one amazing book!

Here's just a small sample of the type of routines you'll find in Camirand Academy's Masters of Magic Series.

Finger On The Card
The card routine that launched the Camirand Academy. It is a sucker type effect where an impossible moment of magic happens with a card they're holding down. They'll never know what hit them.

This is considered to be one of the best Three Shell Game routines ever created and has influenced many of the effects you see performed by professionals today. It includes many different phases, variations, and an impossible ending. You are also taught how to make your own shells.

The Silver Passage
A Coins Through the Table routine with visual vanishes and penetrations. You'll love the unique added element of a small mirror which gets the credit for the coins melting through.

A sit-down Torn and Restored Card where the the double-signed card is torn into four pieces, one corner is held as a receipt, and the other pieces fuse together.

The Homing Ring
A multiphase Ring off Rope routine where a finger ring repeatedly escapes after being tied to a rope and then re-appears on your finger.

Eric DeCamps' The Coin Connection
A stand-up coin routine where three silver coins vanish and then reappear in a purse. They then invisibly travel from hand to hand, where they are also converted into foreign coins before being dropped back into the coin purse and reverting to their original silver form.

Meir Yedid's Royal Takeover
A beautifully displayed card routine where three cards are selected and found to be Aces. The three Aces visually change into a Royal Flush. Everything is examinable.

You get all this and so much more. There's more than 270 pages and 580 photographs!

Every section of Camirand Academy's Masters of Magic Series is bursting with routines, variations, alternate phases, and different techniques. Reading through this book is bound to inspire your magic.

First Edition | 8.5in x 11in Softcover | 272 Pages | 580+ Photographs


Customer reviews for Camirand Academy's Masters of Magic Series

VI Monthly


So excited to finally get a copy of this book as it contains a great collection of classic effects and a great way to add variations to a few things that I was already working on.

The only reason to give it a below standards rating is because we are in 2023 and the book was printed as when it was originally published.

I don't so much mind the the text stile but I do find the "halftone" style of images hard to interpret at moments.

The book basically looks like it was photocopied from the original prints. I'd have rather pay a bit more and had the publisher do some newer text setting and either drastically improved the images quality or take new ones.


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    • 1. Jim answers: It is no longer available.
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