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Solomon's Secrets Solomon's Secrets Solomon's Secrets

There are a few card magicians who IMMEDIATELY grab our attention, and David Solomon is one. Why? He has built a career around devising extremely clever, surprising, and (mostly) easy to do card magic. His tricks and plots are NOT derivative. Instead, they often SET the trends for what others will work on and tinker with, but Solomon provides endless hours of enjoyment with his card magic creations. ALL of his books are titles we return to often, and so a new book is a welcome treat, and a big deal. Don't hesitate--jump at the chance to own Solomon's Secrets before it goes out of print.

A confidant of Ed Marlo, and a stalwart of the "Chicago Session" (with John Bannon and Simon Aronson), Solomon has developed his own style and reputation as a creator of superlative and cunning card tricks. 

Over the last ten years, he has published more than 100 tricks online, in print, and shared them via DVD. Now, he has compiled the best of them in this, his latest must-have volume. 

Solomon’s Secrets includes 50 card effects, among them nuanced performance effects, poker tricks, card matches, mental miracles, updated mathematical approaches, and personal takes on classic plots. Among the noteworthy effects explained are Solomon’s Simple Oil and Water, The Finger Print Trick, Folded Discovery, Matcho From a Shuffled Deck, Blah Day Clock, and Spectator Cuts U Count.

The book's 208 pages are filled with detailed instructions, complemented by over 200 photos that clearly illustrate all sleights, layouts, and procedures. At the end of most effects, the reader is invited into “Solomon’s Mind,” to better understand the thinking behind each effect, as well as its development and the ideas which led to its creation. 

Solomon’s Secrets is a an essential addition to any card enthusiast’s library, providing original, thought provoking material for performance repertoires or simply for the fun of it.

“Dave’s knowledge, creativity and practicality have made him my invaluable session mate, for over 50 years. His knowledge of card magic and his ability too simplify handlings, resolve issues, and enhance plots, is unmatched”Simon Aronson
“The Card Magic of Dave Solomon is clever, original and interesting; it brings pure joy to any cardician’s heart!”Roberto Giobbi
“Solomon’s latest mindful book nails the How and What onto a Why that matters so that the tricks Hum and Sting!”John Racherbaumer
Solomon’s Secrets is not just a book but an event! As is, or just as food for thought, this collection of Dave’s best work over the last ten years will inspire you. I have seen these tricks evolve and mature; thinking card men are in for a real treat. The secrets are out!”John Bannon

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I bought this years ago (I think. It feels that way at least :D). Just got around to reading it and I love it. So many effects which I am going to use to fool my magic buddies. Also, the book is beautiful! Amazing job guys. 10/10 from me.



I bought this book based off of the endorsements. I was very pleasantly surprised! Production values great. The cover feels wonderful and looks just as good. Effects terrific. I especially liked the easier tricks. Oil and Water probably the highlight for me. I guess I should have known. If Giobbi, Bannon and Aronson were endorsing it, it was hardly going to be bad!



Now that I've lived with this book for a while, let me suggest that it consists largely (but not entirely) of what I'll call "session tricks." By that I mean tricks that require an elaborate, difficulty-to-remember set-up that render the deck a one trick wonder before it reverts to a SDIU (shuffled deck in use). If you like learning stuff to impress your magic friends at monthly get-togethers, this just might be your cup of tea. That said, careful reading is rewarded — at least in my case — by a different perspective on classics and an occasional useful suggestion. Not a book for everyone, but essential for completist card geeks everywhere.